8 dos and don’ts for exercising during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy – or is it better to take a break? No problem, says guest author and fitness trainer Annika Luckmann from Mom in Balance. In this article, she explains which exercises you can do without hesitation and which ones you should do without for the time being.

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits,  but finding the right information when it comes to safe pregnancy fitness can be confusing. Here you can find out what you can definitely do and what you prefer not to do.

8 doses for exercise during pregnancy

  1. Listen to your body! Don’t overexert yourself and take it easy if you’re not feeling so well. Are you tired all the time? Try to exercise at least a little bit in the fresh air. So you sleep better and feel fitter.
  2. Endurance sports: If you went jogging before your pregnancy, you can do it now without any problems. Of course, the effort should be kept within limits and you should only do as much as it feels good for you. You should therefore avoid competitions during this time. Incidentally, you can do super power walking until the end of your pregnancy. This is particularly suitable for women who did little endurance sport before pregnancy.
  3. Pay attention to even breathing and healthy posture! Stand up straight, knees slightly bent for standing exercises, buttocks slightly tightened, neutral spine (no hollow back, no hunchback) and shoulders back.
  4. Drink a lot and often: Take breaks from exercising to have a drink, especially when it’s warm.
  5. Wear sportswear that fits and does not pinch or constrict the chest (for example, sports bras that are too small)
  6. Relax your stomach while exercising.
  7. Practice activating and relaxing the pelvic floor! Relaxing is important during labour, tensing trains the muscle and is especially important after labour. Training is an ideal time to both train and relax the pelvic floor during exercises.
  8. All types of squats are good for training the lower body. You can do them great throughout pregnancy, like hip width, feet together, sumo squat, etc.

8 don’ts for exercising during pregnancy

  1. No ‘high impact’ exercises, such as jumping far and high like a frog.
  2. No lunges forward and sideways. The forward movement puts more pressure and rotation on your pelvis and hips. Therefore, it is better to do the movement backwards.
  3. Don’t keep repeating movements on the same leg, it’s better to alternate legs.
  4. Do not try to test your athletic limits. Stay in an area where you can have a relaxed conversation.
  5. Stop training straight abs (the six-pack muscles). During pregnancy, these muscles separate (diastasis recti). If you train them additionally, the diastasis can be aggravated. However, training the lateral abdominal muscles and the transversus is allowed and important. So train the ‘core’ instead of your six-pack. A strong transversus helps you to bring your straight abdominal muscles back together after childbirth. This will also help you during the birth.
  6. No ab exercises on the floor! Lying on your back can pinch off the vena cava and lead to unpleasant consequences such as circulatory problems.
  7. Do not eat right before training!
  8. Exercise isn’t to lose weight, exercise to improve your health and well-being.

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