Baby bathing checklist

Bathing your baby is a big challenge, especially in the beginning. So that you don’t lose track and can concentrate fully on your baby’s needs when washing, we have put together the most important points that you should pay attention to when bathing the baby.

Good preparation with the checklist for bathing

Good preparation is very important so that the bath is a relaxing experience for you and your baby. Here we have briefly summarized the most important preparations. You can also find detailed information in the article “5 important preparations for the baby bath” .

timing and atmosphere

Choose a bath time when your baby is calm and relaxed. Take your time and enjoy the bath with your child. If your child is restless, bath toys can help them overcome the tension. You can find everything about it in this article.

Get everything ready

Have all the necessary utensils ready before you take your baby to the bathroom. This includes fresh clothes, a clean diaper, towels and a bath thermometer.

What does your baby like to bathe in?

Place the carrycot so that it is safe and stable. Also, be careful not to let in too much water.

The right temperature

Make sure the bath water is the right temperature. 35 to 37°C is optimal so that your baby neither gets scalded nor cools down too quickly.

bath additives

When choosing bath products, make sure that they are soap-free and not too foaming.

The right execution

You should also pay attention to a few particularly important points during the bath so that washing and splashing around becomes a positive experience for your child. See the article “5 tips on how to wash your baby properly” for more information.

The sure grip

To hold your child securely, place your left arm under their back and grasp their left shoulder with your hand. Your forearm supports your child’s head.

Get used to the water and keep warm

Slowly get your child used to the water. Use a sponge to run warm water over his body to keep him warm. In addition, your baby can play with the sponge so that he does not get bored.

Wash top down

For hygiene reasons, wash your child’s body from top to bottom. Start on the face, then wash the torso, arms and legs and finally clean the bottom and genitals.

Finish bath in time

Finish your baby’s bath after five to ten minutes so as not to damage the baby’s sensitive skin too much.

Dry carefully

Dry your baby carefully after bathing. Be especially careful to dry the skin folds so your child doesn’t get sore.

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