Bathing in childbirth: is that possible?

Would you like a relaxing bath during the often stressful new everyday life with your baby? But is that even possible while you are still in bed? Bathing in childbed is possible if a few tips are followed.

Bathing in childbirth – useful information

You’ve probably already asked yourself the question of when you can swim again after giving birth. It is important that you do not bathe during the first two weeks, when the weekly flow is still strong. An exception is a very short bath that lasts no longer than 5 minutes and to which you have not added any bath additives.

  • Bath additives can cause infections because the cervix is ​​not yet completely closed again. 
  • You should also not use water that is too hot, as this promotes blood circulation and can lead to an increase in the weekly flow.
  • If you notice that the weekly flow is decreasing and changing color, you can slowly start bathing again. But continue to avoid additives and lying in the bathtub for too long. 
  • If additives such as chamomile are recommended, then definitely discuss this with your doctor and midwife. Bathing after a caesarean section should also be discussed with the doctor. 

Childbed – swimming and bathing outside the four walls

  • If you are wondering whether you can use public swimming pools during the weekly flow, the recommendation is clear: no.
  • The reason for this is the increased risk of infection. Chlorine added to swimming pools can have negative effects on the decrease in weekly flow.
  • Numerous germs and bacteria also lurk in changing rooms, seating areas and other swimming and bathing areas of public swimming pools. Since your body is particularly susceptible to infections during childbirth , you should avoid visiting public baths.

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