Birth report: A birth with epidural

Monique Stroisch says: “It’s finally here! On Thursday around 11 p.m. my waters burst with a sound that can be described as a ‘blop’.”

I quickly ran to your dad in the bedroom. Well, it’s not easy to say when you have to hold a towel between your legs. With the sentence “I think it’s starting!” I woke him up. At first he didn’t want to believe it and asked again if I was sure. When I then told him that my waters had burst , he stood in bed and didn’t really know what to do next. First he went to smoke (I think it was at least two cigarettes). In the meantime I went back to the bathroom so as not to flood the whole apartment. Your dad called the hospital to let us in.

Off to the hospital!

So we grabbed the bag and — not to forget! — a towel to put on in the car. Arriving at the hospital, we first went to the contractions room and the contractions recorder . But far and wide there was still no contraction to be seen or felt. Then I was examined. The midwife determined that it wasn’t the water that had broken. Whatever it was, anyway, I ran out.

The first contraction is finally coming

Then I had to go back to the contraction recorder for half an hour. It was already around 1 a.m. when I suddenly felt a pull in my abdomen that spread to my back. My first contraction was here. Nevertheless, we were sent home again because the cervix had not yet opened.

Back home

When we got home we had to calm down a bit. Then it was back to bed. Now my contractions came two hours apart, which then lasted until 8 o’clock. From then on, the distances became shorter and shorter until I was only in bed because I could no longer walk because of back pain.

Back to the hospital

At around 11:00 a.m. we drove back to the hospital. We hoped they wouldn’t send us back this time. In the hospital it went back to the contraction recorder. Now the contractions came every 10 minutes. However, my cervix was only three centimeters dilated. Unfortunately, the contractions were so severe that I felt very tense each time. Then finally at 2 p.m. I got my beloved PDA . After two hours, however, the painkiller wore off again and the contractions started.

Birth with PDA: You are here!

Either I am very self-pitying or we both found it very difficult. In any case, I was still in very bad pain and was given (after a long begging) a light painkiller so that I could still feel every contraction and push along. Then the midwife said: “Press again and the head is out.” So I pressed again. But it was to be different. Suddenly not only your head was out, but you too! You were born at 5:05 p.m. in the Starnberg Clinic. We saw you and the world stopped spinning. And now it’s all about you!

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