Birth Report: Twins at 23 weeks

Yvonne Seibold says: “Every mommy is happy when she hears that she is pregnant. It was the same for me. I was even lucky enough to be expecting twins. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was anything but normal.”

At the beginning my gynecologist said it would be a textbook pregnancy for twins . And since everyone also said that the belly in twins stretches a lot and it can pull quite a bit, I didn’t think anything after it had been like that for two days. But on the second day the pain became almost unbearable and I immediately made an appointment with the gynecologist. I was already wondering what could be going on. It only briefly crossed my mind that it could be contractions. But what happened next was beyond my imagination.

The twins were born prematurely at 23 weeks

I was taken straight to the practice because you could tell from the tip of my nose that something was wrong. And then came the slap in the face. “Ms. Seibold, the cervix is ​​completely dilated and the first child is already in the birth canal.” That couldn’t be possible, after all I was only in the 23+8. week . I was not allowed to get up and was immediately taken to the Großhadern Clinic. I couldn’t even tell my husband and I was feeling pretty lost and alone right now. After a hell of a ride in the ambulance (it took us 25 minutes instead of 45), I finally arrived and waited for the doctors in the delivery room.

Risks of premature birth of the twins

When the senior doctor came and made it clear to me that if my two are born now, the chances are very bad or they could be born with severe disabilities, my world collapsed. Just as you’ve started to feel them, is it all supposed to be over? My husband had meanwhile made his way to me and we had to make some difficult decisions. For example, what we do when the little ones don’t want to or can’t live – should we let them die? But my husband and I agreed that everything humanly possible should be done for the mice.

Mia and Lucy fight

On February 15, 2008 in the 24+2. week my two girls Mia and Lucy were born and from then on everything was a fight for the two and us. They were born at 670g and 720g. Four months of hospitalization followed and every day was a dread and struggle to see if everything would be okay. My husband gave me a lot of strength to get through it. Relatives and friends, even strangers, took an interest in our fate and gave me courage again. When we finally got them home after four months, it still felt weird, almost like they were just thrown out the door and aren’t really your kids.

miracles happen

but what should I say? Today the two fighting mice are seven months old (well, actually only four) and are already keeping us on our toes. I can’t imagine my life without them and my husband now, and every time the two girls smile at me, I know that every single night I couldn’t sleep for worry and every phone ring, that almost petrified, since it could have been the clinic with bad news, was worth it. And no matter what comes next, we can do everything, because we already had our little miracle!

If the offspring comes too early, it is very frightening for the parents. But experienced doctors and medical advances make it possible for premature babies to be born healthy and strong. You can read all the important information about premature birth in our magazine.

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