Breast and abdomen massage for pregnant women

A lot of feeling and gentle touches are required on the chest and stomach. From about the 18th week of pregnancy, your unborn child can react to the contact.

The breast and stomach massage is good for your stressed skin during pregnancy. But you shouldn’t massage your stomach if you’re prone to premature labor. With a breast massage, you can prevent any later congestion in the breast and unclog blocked milk ducts. You also prepare your breast for breastfeeding and activate the flow of milk.

How is the chest and stomach massage performed?

You start with your right hand below your left breast. Gently massage your stomach in a clockwise direction. The lowest point should be just above the navel. Then you start below the navel and massage counter-clockwise. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your baby bump. If you like, you can do the massage with some body lotion. For the breast massage, you massage your breast with warmed massage oil from the outside inwards. Use circular movements and stroke them towards the nipple. Gently massage the nipple with some oil.

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