Breast pain in pregnancy

Is your chest tight and painful and does it appear fuller than usual? Your hormones are to blame for this. They ensure that your body is already preparing for the time after the birth and breastfeeding.

Chest pain is a typical pregnancy complaint. In most cases, this chest pain is not a serious condition. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, your breasts can be very sensitive and even sore. Many women experience tightness and swelling in their breasts. The pain is usually due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Your body is preparing for the upcoming breastfeeding period. It therefore produces large amounts of estrogen and progesterone.

relieve chest pain

After the first three to four months of pregnancy, the uncomfortable feeling in the breasts subsides in most women. Until then, you can increase your well-being with simple tricks:

  • Wear a very light bra that doesn’t irritate your breasts. Special maternity clothing stores offer a wide selection.
  • You can also strengthen your chest muscles with gymnastics. You should use a sports bra that fits well and does not hinder you. Read our tips on how to stay fit and vital through pregnancy exercises .

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