Breathing problems during pregnancy

In the last trimester of pregnancy, your belly will grow significantly again. During this time, breathing problems can make your life difficult. We explain why this is and what you can do about it. Don’t worry: other pregnant women feel the same way. This is shown by a survey conducted by MomaSquad, in which 9 percent of the 3,500 mothers surveyed said they had also experienced breathing difficulties during their pregnancy.


Causes of breathing problems in pregnancy

You can already observe breathing problems in the first third of pregnancy. Most notably, there may be a feeling of breathlessness. Your body adjusts to the oxygen supply for two and adjusts your breathing in the process. You breathe deeper and more frequently, and your blood vessels dilate to carry more oxygen throughout your body. Your body will soon have adapted to the new situation.

In the 3rd trimester of pregnancy , breathing problems may recur. This time the reason is the constantly growing uterus, which pushes the diaphragm up into the abdominal cavity. This constricts your lungs and you feel like you are not getting enough air. This feeling can accompany you up to the 37th week of pregnancy . Then your baby slowly lowers towards the pelvis and the pressure on the lungs eases.

Keep calm and relax

The feeling of breathlessness is uncomfortable and may make you a little nervous. This only makes the problem worse. Try to relax and find your normal breathing rhythm again. This will also help you:

  • Find places where you are undisturbed and where you feel particularly comfortable. Comfortable clothing and a comfortable sitting position will help you switch off.
  • Take a short walk to take your mind off the trouble breathing. At the same time you fill up with an extra portion of oxygen.
  • Maybe your partner can get your mind off things with a massage. With his support, it will certainly be easier for you to calm down again.

You can also find out more about other courses where you can learn relaxation techniques, for example from your health insurance company. In our special “ birth preparation courses” we introduce you to some relaxation courses.

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