Christmas tree decorations: 15 DIY ideas

Are you looking for new Christmas tree decorations? Would you like to decorate it with a few pretty, homemade balls and little things? Then we have exactly the right thing for you. In this article you will find 15 wonderful ideas that will make your Christmas tree a real eye-catcher.

1. Paper Christmas tree ornaments

These ornaments are particularly filigree and give your Christmas tree a modern look. You can find the instructions here.

2. Diamond shaped concrete pendant

Concrete DIY projects are all the rage these days, especially when they add a pop of color. You can find out how to conjure up these concrete pendants on this page.

3. Christmas stars made of wooden beads

These poinsettias are a real eye-catcher – and easy to make yourself. We found the instructions here.

4. Threaded Christmas tree made of ribbons

These minimalist fir trees are just the thing when it has to be quick: Simply thread a ribbon lengthways and decorate the trunk with beads. Add a thread to the top to hang it up – and you’re done!

5. Angels made from old corks

Are you also one of those people who hoard sacks of corks? With this beautiful craft idea they finally have a use: With some ribbon and a wooden bead you can conjure up cute angels in no time. Here you can find out how to do it.

6. Salt dough stars

These salt dough star charms are quick and easy to make. Simply cut out the dough, bake and then decorate with a little color – and you can start decorating! You can find our recipe for the perfect salt dough here.

7. Rustic Wood Slices

If you prefer something a little more rustic, you should try these cool wooden pendants. It is entirely up to you which motifs you decorate them with. In any case, they should definitely find a place on your Christmas tree!

8. Christmas tree elves made from larch cones

When we see these funny little guys, we have to think of small, magical Christmas elves – and you? On this page you will find out how you can easily recreate these cute fellows with the little red hats.

9. Lego star for the Christmas tree

Are the Lego bricks piling up in your house too? Then turn them into chic Christmas tree decorations together with your child! The best thing about this decoration: After the holidays you can easily take it apart again – and keep playing with it.

10. Wooden Christmas tree balls

With a little color and gold leaf, you can transform these simple baubles into elegant Christmas tree decorations. Not only will you amaze your family – your relatives will also turn green with envy. These instructions will help you with crafting.

11. Easily make decorative balls yourself

You’ve probably seen these delicate balls more often lately, haven’t you? No wonder, after all, this decoration is currently very trendy! Here you will find instructions with which you are guaranteed to succeed. Try it!

12. Paper pine cones made from old book pages

Have you ever thought about breathing new life into old books? No? Then it’s about time! With just a few simple steps, you can transform well-read books into contemplative, beautiful Christmas tree decorations. Here you can find out how to do it.

13. Fir tree made of twigs

This DIY Christmas tree ornament is the perfect craft project for those gray, cloudy afternoons. Simply stick a few thin branches of different lengths onto a spatula, for example a popsicle stick, and decorate with a ribbon to hang it up – that’s it!

14. Crochet candy cane

How sweet! The sight of this cute candy cane not only warms our hearts – we could also reach for the next treat. So that you can decorate your Christmas tree with such a cuddly delicacy, we have selected the right crochet pattern for you here.

15. Christmas tree decorations made from buttons

This whimsical Christmas tree is guaranteed to find a place on every Christmas tree: simply thread on colorful buttons in different sizes and tie at the top with string. A little tip: the button tanneries are particularly cute if you use different buttons – as in the example here.

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