Discover everyday life with picture books

Between the ages of six months and one year, a whole new world opens up to your baby. It crawls and crawls independently and explores its surroundings. Now you can best accompany your child on this journey of discovery with picture books that describe everyday life.

As soon as your baby has discovered crawling and crawling for itself, there is no stopping it. Now it’s time to go on a journey of discovery and everything interesting has to be inspected very carefully. Toys, kitchen cupboards and the laundry basket are explored and exciting hours await not only the little explorers, but also the parents. By pulling and crawling across the floor, your baby is moving forward very quickly. So don’t be surprised if you stick with this method of locomotion for the time being and only later try the shaky quadruped position and the resulting crawling. The urge to move and explore in this first year of life is very important for the development of your baby and should be supported by you. The play possibilities change in the crawling age,

Important: A crawl-proof environment

When your baby starts crawling, you will soon find that nothing is safe from him anymore. It is therefore advisable to remove fragile objects or beloved CDs and books from the lower rows of shelves. You probably won’t be able to prevent your baby from bumping into cupboards or the coffee table from time to time while exploring. Although these experiences are painful, they are still very important for later running. This is how your child learns to judge distances. By crawling and crawling, it also learns to coordinate its movements and to understand their consequences. The two hemispheres of the brain are networked and the child’s perception is expanded. Of course, this also happens with a child

From crawling to running

Around the fourth trimester, your child will begin to kneel down and pull themselves up to stand. The edge of the table, the chair or mom’s trouser leg can be used for this. Gradually your child will learn to stand on its own two feet, first with both hands, then only with one hand and finally the first small forward steps.

Do not inhibit the urge to move

Even if you can hardly take your eyes off the child, you should do without a playpen if possible. Because this only inhibits it in its urge to move. However, since it strives to move forward and thus creates the best conditions for later running, it should not be prevented from doing so. Many babies particularly enjoy crawling behind a rolling ball (preferably made of foam or a similarly soft material). During this phase, your child learns how much fun it is to finally be able to choose for yourself in which direction to move and to go on a curious journey of discovery.

Discover everyday adventures with picture books

When your child starts to crawl and walk, exciting times begin – for child and parents. As your child develops their language skills, understands words and learns to speak sounds at the same time, their urge to explore grows. Don’t slow down your child, but steer them safely through the adventure of everyday life with picture books. There it can recognize experienced situations and learns to understand them.

The greater the interest in picture books, the greater the interest in the written word. If your child is a little older and is already gaining some reading experience, we would like to recommend this article to you: Here you will find the most beautiful books to start reading. Children  also find hidden object books exciting. The detailed books invite you into detailed worlds and there is something new to discover on every page. Really exciting – and above all great fun when young and old can browse together. In this article we have put together the most beautiful classic picture books for you. There is definitely something for every taste.

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