Does sex during pregnancy harm the baby?

Is it harmful to the unborn child if a couple has sex during pregnancy? There is a lot of uncertainty among expectant mothers on this topic. We have put together information on when sex is safe and in which rare cases it can harm the baby during pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy is harmless!

Don’t worry, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe in most cases. There are only exceptions for problem or high-risk pregnancies. In such cases, a doctor should be consulted first.

In the first third of pregnancy, however, it could be that nausea and constant tiredness do not encourage the exchange of tenderness. However, even at this stage there is no need to worry about the well-being of the child if the pregnant woman has sexual intercourse. Regular sex in the early stages of pregnancy does not usually increase the risk of miscarriage . However, if bleeding occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Sex later in pregnancy

In the period between the 16th and 30th week of pregnancy, the body has already got used to the pregnancy. Femininity is also often very pronounced during this time. The breasts have become larger and the curves more feminine. The strong blood flow to the organs in the pelvis and the increased hormone level increase desire and make sexual intercourse more intense.

But this is also the phase in which pregnant women can already feel their child quite clearly, which will probably lead to some questions. What does the little one notice? Will it be disturbed? Does the contraction during orgasm put too much pressure on the baby? Is the father endangering the unborn child? Is the risk of infection increasing? These insecurities could lead to women feeling less desire and preferring not to have sex.

But worry is usually inappropriate. The child is sufficiently cushioned by the amniotic fluid and does not notice any shocks. In addition, it is anatomically absolutely impossible for the penis to come near the baby. Infections can also be ruled out when the cervix is ​​closed. Even if the mother-to-be feels that the child is “fidgeting” after sex, it is merely reacting to the mother’s high blood pressure and her pounding heart.

If the pregnant woman is prone to premature labour , if the placenta is wrong, if the cervix is ​​open prematurely or if there is bleeding, a clarifying discussion with the doctor is urgently recommended in order to get the green light for sex during pregnancy.

Sex in the last trimester of pregnancy

In the last trimester of pregnancy, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a position that is comfortable for both partners. However, from a medical point of view it is safe to sleep together during this phase. The widespread rumor that sex shortly before the end of pregnancy triggers contractions cannot be confirmed either. The contractions in the uterus that occur during an orgasm are not nearly enough to induce labor. All in all, it can be said: Anything that is fun is allowed!

Exceptions: when no sex during pregnancy

However, if one of the following situations is present, it is better to avoid sex during pregnancy:

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