Excursion with children: day trips in bad weather

Your kids want to go on a trip, but it’s cold outside and the weather is bad? We have put together a few places for you where you and your children will definitely have fun on a trip.

  • Fun pool: Especially when it gets colder outside, a trip to the leisure pool or the indoor swimming pool is a good idea for parents and their children . Unbeatable favorites in the pools – the slides. But parents who want to relax will also get their money’s worth with saunas and whirlpools in many water parks.
  • Museum: There are numerous museums in Germany that offer special tours and exhibitions for families and children. On an excursion, you and your children can explore the fascinating worlds of experience together. Whether scientific experiments or everyday history from a bygone era – young and old visitors can explore, have to think, try and touch.
  • Palace and castle: knights and princesses – children love to slip into different roles. Many palaces and castles offer interactive tours for families, where touching is expressly desired. Your child can not only marvel at helmets, swords and shields, but also pick them up and put them on. This excursion will surely be an experience for you and your children.
  • Zoo: Your child loves animals and can’t get enough of them? Many zoos have special areas and enclosures that are covered. If your child is particularly interested in spiders and snakes, they will surely enjoy a visit to a reptile house. You and your children can marvel at all sorts of unusual insects on the trip.
  • Aquarium: Do your children only know sharks, dolphins and whales from books and films? So-called aqua zoos offer a wonderful insight into the underwater world. On an excursion, your children can get to know the diversity of sea creatures. But it’s not just observation – many aqua zoos have interactive touch pools. Your offspring can touch crabs, crabs and starfish and watch as the animals are fed from the sea.
  • Theater: Whether it’s a classic like Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon or The Snow Queen – when it’s getting cold outside, it’s worth a trip to the theater for children. The little visitors sink into another world and follow the exciting stories together with the other children.
  • Ski hall: Snow all year round – that’s what you can expect in a ski hall. Whether on skis, tires or sleds down the mountain – you and your children are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on this excursion.
  • Indoor playground: It’s bad weather outside and your kids are using the sofa as a bouncy castle again? On a trip to the indoor playground with your children , the little ones can let off steam on the slides, in the ball pool, on the trampoline or the bouncy castle. Some covered playgrounds also have areas where parents can play with their children.

The weather doesn’t want to cooperate at all? No problem! Because there is also a lot to experience at home. In this article you will find out how you can let your child pass the time even when the weather is bad .

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