Funding for disabled children: Overview of offers

Support for disabled children should begin in infancy. The support includes various offers of assistance such as physiotherapy, educational or social assistance. Find out here which offers for support for disabled children come into question and which offers you can choose from.

What support is there for children with disabilities?

The support for disabled children, the so-called early support, is primarily precautionary. It is intended to counteract major problems in child development at an early stage. For this reason, various courses such as baby swimming , baby shiatsu or PEKiP courses are offered with which you can support your offspring. Find out in the following article when a grant makes sense:

When should you start attending baby classes? Find out more about early support here.

The concept of early support also includes medical, psychological, educational and social support in addition to the family. The following specialists, such as specialists and paediatricians, physiotherapists, employees of early intervention centres, occupational therapists or speech therapists can be consulted to support disabled children. Possible early intervention services may include measures such as:

  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is also known as physiotherapy. The aim of physiotherapy is to support children with motor disorders . Your mobility in everyday errands should be made easier.
  • Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy deals with your child’s sensory stimuli. She wants to create emotional, motor and social experiences that support your child’s ability to act in everyday life. For example, it is worked out how everyday objects can be used despite the disability.
  • Speech therapy: Speech therapy is speech therapy for children with a speech disorder that promotes your child’s willingness and ability to communicate as well as their ability to express themselves.
  • Mototherapy: Mototherapy serves to promote social-emotional behavior and to promote developmental deficits in your child’s perception and movement.
  • Psychology: The focus of psychological therapy is to support parents and siblings in dealing with your child’s disability.
  • Special, integration and curative education: Here you can get educational help with the upbringing and care of your child in everyday life. Learning special communication methods such as sign language is also part of special, integration and curative education.
  • Parent-child courses/weekends

Legal entitlement to support for disabled children?

Your child has a legal right to the necessary early support measures. It is described as a complex service within the framework of the Social Code Book IX, which can include all service levels. According to SGB V (5) of the statutory health insurance, medical-psychotherapeutic-therapeutic services are the responsibility of the health insurance companies. Would you like to take advantage of the measures to support your disabled child? You should consult your family doctor or pediatrician first. His referrals and medical prescriptions form the basis for further treatment.

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