Hand massage: stimulating reflex zones

The hands have to withstand a lot of hardship. They are criss-crossed by innumerable nerve tracts, which is why a hand massage is particularly beneficial.

Similar to the foot, the hands have reflex zones, which is why a hand massage can have an effect on the entire organism and also relieve tension in the shoulder and neck area. A massage works wonders, especially when your hands are under heavy strain. A hand massage can also provide relief for specific complaints such as headaches. In addition, it increases your well-being.

How is the hand massage massaged?

Before you start, you should bathe your hands in warm water. They become softer and more sensitive to touch. During a hand massage, the back of the hand, the palm of the hand and the fingernails can be treated. Your partner can make circular movements, gently stroke the skin or stimulate the reflex zones with finger and thumbnail pressure. It can be helpful to wear a special massage glove on which the individual reflex zones are marked. Finally, your partner should gently stroke your hand from wrist to fingertips.

Video – hand and foot massage

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