Holidays in the holiday park: what awaits you!

A holiday at a holiday park caters to the interests of the whole family. Whether you are traveling as a couple or with your children or grandchildren, a holiday park offers leisure activities for every age group.

This is what you can expect from a holiday in a holiday park

As soon as the next holiday planning with the family is pending and you want to try something new, we recommend a trip to a holiday park. Here you will experience a holiday in which everyone really gets their money’s worth. A park full of fun and action , wellness and culinary delights . However, you don’t have to give up your privacy. A holiday in a holiday park or holiday village offers quiet corners and accommodation in addition to all the hustle and bustle. 

  • Basically, a holiday park is nothing more than a small, idyllic and quiet village. When you arrive at the selected location, numerous holiday homes, holiday apartments, bungalows or apartments await you. Most have small terraces, landscaped gardens and the apartments have balconies. 
  • Within the village or the holiday park, mostly right in the middle, there are numerous things to do . A swimming pool with a large slide for the children and wellness for the parents are available as well as sports fields, playgrounds and playgrounds as well as mini golf courses. There are numerous attractions in many outbuildings that make children’s hearts beat faster.
  • The center of every holiday park is always the main building. The reception of the facility is usually located here, so you have to head for this point first to pick up the keys for your booked accommodation. The employees are always friendly and helpful. You will receive an overview plan and a calendar of events from them. You can also book trips to regional or more distant attractions with them.
  • Most holiday parks have a hotel attached to the main building. There is also a small shop for the essentials, or at least a bakery with an extended range or a kiosk. You will find restaurants and cafés at this central point as well as shops for clothing or souvenirs. 
  • If you decide to spend your holiday in a holiday park, you are guaranteed to have relaxing days with the whole family. If you need care for your baby or small children in order to use one of the wellness programs or to take part in an event without children, simply book this at the reception. Animation programs are offered daily for adults and children. However, nothing is mandatory. If you want to have peace in between or at all, you will find quiet retreats in the accommodation and quiet zones and can relax there.

There are holiday parks all over Europe

You can now find holiday parks in abundance at every tour operator. In your search you will come across holiday parks all over Europe. First of all, decide whether you would rather spend your holidays near the mountains, by the sea or in the midst of idyllic natural landscapes. This limits the existing parks enormously. Then you decide which country it should be. At this point we will tell you which holiday parks are among the most popular in Europe.

  • In Germany , the holiday parks and holiday villages extend across the entire federal territory. The most popular German holiday park regions are on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts, on the islands, on the Mecklenburg Lake District, in the Bavarian Forest and in the Eifel. If you want to experience an unforgettable holiday, the Allgäu, Lusatia and Cuxland are also possible regions as travel destinations.
  • In Croatia , the holiday offer for holiday parks is very large. You can find a holiday park in almost every region of the country. In recent years, the Croatian islands, Istria and central and southern Dalmatia have been particularly popular with family vacationers. In addition to holidays by the sea, Croatia has an extremely diverse nature in store, where you can do many outdoor activities.
  • Italy is one of the largest holiday park providers. Here you can holiday in the midst of idyllic landscapes and enjoy a combined fun and beach holiday by the sea. Some cities also offer holiday parks, such as near Rome. And of course you can also find a large number of holiday parks on Lake Garda . The country’s largest lake offers excellent family vacations. If it doesn’t necessarily have to be a holiday park, the fantastically beautiful Tuscany, Sardinia or the region around Venice also offer you attractive holiday landscapes for families.
  • Almost every holiday park in Austria impresses with its proximity to the mountains . If you enjoy hiking, climbing and nature trips, you should choose this country for a family vacation. The most popular holiday villages in Austria are in Carinthia and around Styria.
  • Probably the best-known country as a holiday park provider is Holland . Here you will find a pretty holiday park in every region. Most are very large, but also offer a lot of attractions. Many are themed.

This is how holiday parks came about

Holiday parks as tourist facilities with a village character only really established themselves in Germany in the 1990s.

  • In the 1950s  , isolated holiday villages with a capacity of around 400 beds emerged. However, no significant leisure facilities had been built here.
  • In the 1970s  there was the first boom in large apartment and hotel complexes. The first large holiday parks and apartment complexes were built on the Baltic Sea and in the Harz Mountains. Unfortunately, at that time the focus was on the typical high-rise construction phase and the holiday complexes were built with high-rise buildings. They still exist today, but they don’t exactly impress with their beauty.
  • In the 1980s , the Eifel and North Hesse followed suit. Smaller but much nicer parks have been created here with nice holiday homes and great leisure facilities.
  • From the 1990s , the European trend also spread to Germany. Holiday projects with more than 1000 beds were created and are referred to as holiday parks of the second generation.

Equipment of the accommodations

Holiday park accommodation ranges from holiday homes and holiday flats to apartments and bungalows. Most of the time there is always a hotel attached to the main building. In addition, each property is equipped with everything you need on vacation. For your little ones there are bottle warmers, high chairs and changing tables. Baby cots and children’s beds are also available.

The holiday parks are usually designed so that you can take care of yourself. In order to be able to enjoy eating outdoors, there are always outdoor areas such as a garden or terrace with a barbecue. Sun loungers, garden furniture and seat cushions usually round off the picture.

Good to know: You should pay attention to this

If you are looking for absolute peace and quiet, you are not in good hands in a holiday park and should opt for another type of holiday. There are many children in the park. They don’t sleep very late in the morning and they like to play outside. This is a point that you should be clear about in advance.

  • The kitchen is well equipped in each property, as the concept of a holiday park is based on self-sufficiency. Pots, pans and crockery are plentiful. However, what you should take with you from home are sharp knives, tea towels, dishwasher tabs and spices. When booking, make sure that an oven, grill and toaster are available.
  • If you have a pet , check when booking whether it is allowed in the facility and in the objects. Most parks allow them, but charge a pet fee. Pay attention to the disposal of the dog waste.
  • Depending on the age of your little ones, you should make a list of everything the children need on vacation. The holiday becomes a horror trip if the comforter or the comfort blanket is missing. Planning is everything for this. Everything is not always available for babies . To do this, call the park beforehand to find out how the objects are equipped, what can be made available to you and then take what is missing from home with you.
  • Pack a first-aid kit . The parks do have shops, but most of them do not have a pharmacy. Since most parks are far away, you often have to drive a long way to buy a fever suppository or a headache pill.
  • The equipment in the accommodation is limited to the essentials. You usually have to bring your own bed linen and towels. The parks usually offer linen packages, but these do cost a bit. If you have pillow problems, it is better to bring your own. The pillows on site are mostly not comfortable.
  • WLAN is actually standard today, but a charging cable is not. Think of the accessories you need to use your electronic devices. Also take a power outlet with you. So there is no argument about who gets to charge their cell phone first.
  • Pay attention to the booking period . If you can arrange it, travel in the off-season and take advantage of promotional weekends or weeks. Here the prices are significantly lower. Always look at the additional costs. Depositing a deposit is usually common. If extra money is shown for water and electricity, think carefully about whether you want to book the offer. 

The choice of provider

There are now providers who have established themselves worldwide and also sell their holiday concept in Germany. The best known are Center Parcs , Landal Greenparks and Roompot Vakanties. The undisputed market leader, Center Parcs, owns 32 parks in four countries. The parcs all impress with a wide range of leisure activities and great bathing landscapes. Smaller providers are mainly represented in Germany. The IFA Rügen Hotel with holiday park offers a combination with hotels. If you are new to the holiday park, check with Stiftung Warentest . Here you will find a comparison portal for all tested holiday parks. 

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