Homeopathy for children in school

Homeopathy is particularly suitable for children in school and in puberty. It helps your child to get a grip on fear of exams, difficulty concentrating, moodiness or menstrual pain.

Homeopathy is ideal for children who do not feel well at school or who are even afraid. Various homeopathic remedies can help to take away any shyness and fears children may have about school. Complaints and abnormalities during puberty such as acne, menstrual cramps or moodiness can also be alleviated with the help of homeopathy.

Dosage of homeopathy for children

Depending on the age of your child and the severity of the symptoms, the dosage of the homeopathic remedy can vary. The following standard dosages apply to children and adolescents:

  • Children aged 6 to 12 years: 3 to 4 globules or 3 to 4 drops or 1 tablet
  • Adolescents: 5 globules or 5 drops or 1 to 2 tablets

You can find out more about the origin and application of homeopathy in our article “Using homeopathic remedies ”. However, always follow the instructions of your pharmacist or naturopath!

Homeopathy for children at a glance

Homeopathy for children with school problems

Below we list the most common complaints of school children and refer to further information about their homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy for children with school anxiety

Anxiety in school children, so-called school anxiety , can take various forms: fear of exams, fear of being made a fool of or fear of failure. Frequently, the cause of school anxiety is too much pressure to perform, which weighs on the children. Homeopathy can help to take away the children’s fear of school. Is your child afraid of school too? Perhaps the following homeopathic remedies can help you:

anxious, nervous and fidgety child; becomes sick with fear; nervous bowel and bladder; Fear of upcoming events (exam, dentist)Argentum nitricum D12* (best 3 days before the exam)
weak with fear, trembling, dazed, paralyzed ; Diarrhea; fear of the (dental) doctor; acute test anxiety and stage fright; blackoutGelsemium D12* (works best on the day of the exam)
the heart beats in the throat; face is red-spotted, rapid pulse, feeling uneasy; can’t breathe while speakingStrophantus D4* (in acute cases every 1-2 hours, after one day every 3-6 hours)
Fear of everything new, of failure and failure; shy and nervous; Fear of needles, syringes, sharp objects; very conscientiousSilicea D12* (for chronic symptoms 1-2 times a day for 3 weeks, then stop for 1 week, then another 3 weeks)

Homeopathy for children with poor concentration

Does your child sometimes have trouble concentrating or does it often daydream, does it suffer from concentration problems? Is it very forgetful, overwhelmed by schoolwork and having trouble studying? Read here how you can help him with lack of concentration with homeopathic remedies . If the symptoms are very pronounced, you should definitely seek professional advice.

Homeopathy for children with nervousness, restlessness or ADHD

Nervousness, restlessness and ADHD are ailments that cause acute problems for the first time, especially in school children: disruption of lessons and poor assessments as a result. If your symptoms are noticeably severe, you should ask your pediatrician for advice. But sometimes homeopathic remedies can already counteract the first abnormalities. We have listed a wide variety of complaints and the corresponding homeopathic remedies for you here.

Homeopathy for nervous, overexcited children

Characteristics of the child/complaintsMiddle
Your child seems fidgety, hectic; impulsive, hasty behavior; Fear of exams and upcoming events; great craving for sweets, but flatus from itArgentum nitricum D12* (in acute cases every 1-2 hours, after one day every 3-6 hours)
Your child is overexcited, restless, nervous; can’t get sleep, can’t switch off; palpitations; Result of joy, fright, quarrelCoffea D12* (in acute cases every 1-2 hours, after one day every 3-6 hours)

Homeopathy for restless, anxious children

sudden restlessness and panic; after a mental shock, accident or acute illness; Your child thinks he must die; is restless and sleepless; feels feverish; his heart is beatingAconitum C30** (if required)
restless, weak and anxious child; night panic attacks; great inner restlessness; don’t want to be alone; is frozen and very orderlyArsenicum album D12* (in acute cases every 1-2 hours, after one day every 3-6 hours)

Homeopathy for physically restless and hyperactive children

constant movement of legs, even when sleeping; nervous restlessness and restlessness, mental exhaustion, anxiety, fear of school; it grinds its teethZincum metallicum D12* (for chronic symptoms 1-2 times a day for 3 weeks, then stop for 1 week, then another 3 weeks)
nervous tics and involuntary twitches (eyelid twitches); Your child is surviving and restless; it speaks indistinctlyAgaricus D12 * (in acute cases every 1-2 hours, after one day every 3-6 hours)
Hands and feet are always in motion; Your child constantly has to play with something, pulls at objects; it startles out of sleep at night, grinds its teethPotassium bromatum D12* (three times a day)
thin, lively, restless child; late developers (physically and mentally); craving for smoked food, aversion to milk; is dissatisfied and easily angered; unfocusedCalcium phosphoricum D6* (three times a day)
the child is thin, lively, precocious or late developer; it is mentally active, cannot sit still; teeth grinding at night; Craving for smoked foods (also Calcium phosphoricum, see above); it has frequent infections; prone to destructiveness and dissatisfactionTuberculinum C30** (once a month)
constant urge to move; the child tosses and turns; typical are joint painsRhus toxicodendron D12* (three times a day)

Homeopathy for children with reading and spelling difficulties

A reading and spelling disorder is also known as dyslexia . It is a hereditary or developmental disorder in the acquisition of written language. Children affected by dyslexia find it very difficult to translate spoken language into written language and vice versa. You read very slowly and hesitantly or mix up letters, syllables or words. They also have trouble writing things down correctly: errors in capitalization, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes appear.

If your child shows similar symptoms or you suspect a reading and spelling disorder, you should definitely seek professional advice. With early detection and therapy, the problems can usually be remedied and supported with homeopathic treatment. Find out here which homeopathic remedies help with dyslexia.

Homeopathy for children in puberty

Once puberty has reached its peak, parents hardly recognize their children. Their mood changes daily and they rebel against everything that gets in their way. The transition phase from childhood to adulthood is often exhausting and tiring for everyone involved. The reason for these changing moods is the changing hormonal balance during puberty. In this phase, children no longer feel understood, withdraw or test their limits and question everything. Homeopathy tries to help children here too.

Below we list the most common ailments of teenagers and young people and refer to further information about their homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy for irritable, aggressive children

During puberty, your child slowly grows up. The hormonal change leads to an enormous emotional chaos, which shows up in rebellion, moodiness and aggression in most teenagers. This is a normal part of growing up, and some experience it more intensely than others. Find out which homeopathic remedies can be used to treat your child’s irritability and aggression.

Help from homeopathy for children with moodiness

Sometimes your child is in a bad mood during puberty just to provoke you. But due to the upheavals of hormones and the body, bad moods and mood swings are inevitable. Then it may be that your child feels attacked by every little thing. Difficult times for you and your child. Homeopathy for children can provide gentle relief for specific complaints.

Characteristics of the child/complaintsMiddle
child feels overburdened; has a headache from school stressCalcium phosphoricum D6* (three times a day)
through acute grief, often almost hysterical behavior through lovesickness; want to be aloneIgnatia 30C* (once daily)
in boys with a lack of self-confidence, which is not shown; bullies family and the weaker, but ducks before the strongerLycopodium D12* (three times a day)
in girls especially during a hormonal surge; beginning period; built close to the water; bitchy can’t be alone; seeks comfort; likes to go for a walkPulsatilla D12* (three times a day)

Homeopathy for children with anorexia and bulimia

Anorexia is a loss of appetite that goes hand in hand with a desire to lose weight. If anorexia lasts longer, the feeling of hunger decreases and serious physical damage can result. Bulimia describes an addiction to eating and vomiting. Those affected are usually of normal weight and suffer from severe food cravings, after which they try to avoid weight gain. They vomit after eating, go hungry, subject themselves to extreme diets or exercise excessively.

If you suspect your teenager is suffering from an eating disorder, you should see a doctor immediately! Find out here how homeopathic remedies can be used for eating disorders . In no case do they replace good medical treatment!

Homeopathy for girls with menstrual problems

Especially at the beginning of the onset of the period, the bleeding is extremely irregular or unusually light or heavy. Many girls also suffer from abdominal pain, tender breasts and moodiness during their periods. This is part of normal development and usually levels off quickly. Homeopathy can be used to regulate periods and reduce pain. Find out here which homeopathic remedies are recommended for menstrual cramps.

Homeopathy for children with pimples and acne

Increased sebum production often occurs during puberty due to hormonal changes. As a result, pores become clogged with excess sebum, which can lead to inflammation and breakouts. Pimples and acne can also cause psychological problems in young people, as self-esteem often suffers as a result. Basically, it helps with a pimple attack if children eat healthily. Fatty food, pork, cake and ice cream should be avoided. At the first signs of pimples, homeopathy for children can also be effective. Homeopathic remedies can be used both externally and internally. The following list contains the most important homeopathic remedies that have generally proven effective for acne.

Remedies for acne in puberty

small pimples mainly on the chin, but also on the shoulder, chest and backJuglans regia D3* (three times a day)
large, purulent pimples with a dark red edgeSulfur iodatum D12* (three times a day)
dark, brownish, hard pimples; thick converging pustules on cheeks and neck ; mainly in nervous adolescentsPotassium bromatum D12* (three times a day)
Pimples around your period, especially if you miss your period or have it latePulsatilla D12* (three times a day)
Acne with open, sore pimplesHypericum tincture (apply externally three times a day) for cleaning, disinfection and faster healing

Homeopathy for children with bursitis

Bursae lie like a soft buffer between soft and hard body structures (e.g. in the area of ​​the joints). They are easily inflamed by pressure overload, infection or (sports) accidents. The area is then swollen and sensitive to pressure. If the symptoms persist or the pain is very severe, you should definitely consult a doctor! In our lexicon of homeopathy you will find out which homeopathic remedies are used to support bursitis.

Homeopathy for children with tendonitis

Do your child’s tendons ache after a lot of exercise or repetitive monotonous movements with every movement? Could they even be swollen? Then it may be that your teenager has tendonitis, the treatment of which can be supported with homeopathic remedies. A doctor should look at the inflammation, especially if the pain is severe or long-lasting.

Homeopathy for children with bone and spine problems

Bone disorders describe pain in the area of ​​the bones, which usually occurs with injuries such as broken bones. Inflammation, porous bones or growth spurts can also cause severe pain. Poor posture, a heavy school bag or the wrong strain can cause severe spinal pain even in children and young people. If the symptoms persist, ask your doctor for advice. However, homeopathy offers other supportive remedies for children that also help with developmental disorders of the bones. Find out here which homeopathic remedies can be used for bone and spine problems.

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