Homeopathy for glandular fever

In the encyclopedia of homeopathy you will find a precise description of homeopathic treatment for many complaints. Just browse through the most common terms and get an impression.

General information on glandular fever

The infectious disease is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and occurs through mouth-to-mouth transmission. Your child suffers from a severe sore throat and painfully swollen lymph nodes. In addition, this disease triggers chronic fatigue in him.

Homeopathy for glandular fever

The following table includes the most common forms of glandular fever and possible combinations with other symptoms. The table lists which homeopathic remedy is recommended in these cases. Since glandular fever can also occur in combination with many other symptoms, it only contains the most common ones. Information about other symptoms and how they can be treated with homeopathic remedies can be found in Sven Sommer ’s guide “ Homeopathy for Children ”. You can find out more about conventional treatment methods for glandular fever in the children’s diseases lexicon .

Glandular fever nosode preventative:   once a day for 3 days Epstein-Barr virus C/D30 **

For subsequent symptoms:  Epstein-Barr virus C*/D30 ** 3 times a week for 3 weeks



Sudden high fever,
red face
cold hands and feet
Belladonna D12** (in highly acute cases every minute to a quarter or half an hour)
Severe feeling of illness with bad breath and salivation
Lymph nodes swollen
Mercurius solubilis D12**(thereafter three times a day)
Feeling tired, shaky, flabby
throat and headache
Gelsemium D12** (in acute cases every 1-2 hours, after one day every 3-6 hours)

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