Hot flashes in pregnancy

Hot flashes, sweating and hot feet put many expectant mothers in a bad mood. About one in three of the 3,500 mothers surveyed suffered from sweaty feet during pregnancy, and around 15 percent from hot flashes. Unfortunately, you can’t completely eliminate these symptoms, but you can cool yourself down a bit with a few tips.


Causes of hot flashes during pregnancy

Especially when the temperatures rise in summer, many pregnant women suffer from sudden heat attacks. The causes of hot flashes and hot feet lie in the increased metabolism. As the pregnancy progresses, your body has to work harder to keep you and your child fit and healthy. Your blood vessels are dilated, allowing more blood to circulate throughout your body, creating more heat than usual.

Tips against hot flashes

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about hot flashes. But you can help your body to replenish its fluid reserves. Drink at least two liters of liquid a day, preferably in the form of water and unsweetened tea. You can find more tips about drinking in our article “ What should and may pregnant women drink? “. Otherwise, our tips might help you to cool down again:

  • Synthetic clothing is better left in the closet. Clothing made of cotton is more suitable, as it lets air into your skin and you don’t sweat as easily.
  • A gel mask straight from the fridge has a beneficial effect on the face or neck. Close your eyes and relax a little.
  • Keeping your wrists under cold, running water also helps in between. The best way to cool off burning feet is to take a cold foot bath. If you struggle with it, especially at night, keep a bucket of cold water and a towel by the bed before bed. So you have the foot bath right at hand when hot feet rob you of sleep again.
  • A mini fan or a spray bottle with water is practical for on the go. You can easily stow the things in your handbag and be prepared for the next heat wave.
  • Cooling ointments from the pharmacy have the same effect without you having to get your feet or hands wet.

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