How your body changes in the 2nd trimester

By the fourth month you have left the critical phase of pregnancy and the pregnancy symptoms are easing. Now the second trimester begins. You produce the first foremilk and the linea nigra skin discoloration can appear.

In the 2nd trimester, i.e. at the beginning of the fourth month, you leave the critical phase of pregnancy and the risk of a miscarriage decreases. General pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and tiredness also subside , and feelings of happiness about your baby take over.

The ability to concentrate decreases

You may feel an inner restlessness and excitement, and your forgetfulness will increase. This is because your ability to concentrate and your short- and long-term memory are limited. Especially when you are breastfeeding, you are often disturbed in your deep sleep phase, which leads to slumps in memory performance. As soon as you get your normal restful sleep again, your memory performance will increase again. There is also scientific evidence that brain mass shrinks slightly during pregnancy and increases again after birth.

The stomach bulges

In addition to these changes, the areola and nipples also become darker because melanin is stored there. Your waistline begins to shrink and a bulge appears below the belly button. You may have increased discharge and feel back pain . Due to the increased blood flow, your gums swell and you get bleeding gums. That is why oral hygiene is the top priority.

The first foremilk is produced

Your breasts continue to grow and they produce the first foremilk (colostrum). Your face will also change, because the liquid deposits make it swell and appear fuller. Fluid also accumulates in the shoulders, arms, legs and hips. In addition to the first stretch marks, dark-haired women in particular may have a vertical dark pigmentation in the middle of the abdomen, the ” Linea Nigra “. This slowly fades away after birth.

More info about the 2nd trimester

In our pregnancy weeks and pregnancy calendar you will find a lot more information about the development of your body and your baby:

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