Instrument: Which one suits your child?

It is sometimes difficult to decide which instrument is best for your child, especially if you are not very familiar with it yourself. We have a few tips for you that can make the decision easier. Find out here the advantages and disadvantages of the various instruments.

Whether flute, piano or guitar, every musical instrument has its advantages and disadvantages. Which instrument is suitable for your child should only be decided after careful consideration; After all, musical instruments often cost a lot of money. That is why you should consider together with your child which instrument suits your child. In our article “The most beautiful musical instruments for babies and children” you will find a few suggestions on this topic.

Many music schools also offer orientation courses or trial lessons where your child can try different instruments and then decide which instrument they want to learn. We introduce you to the most common instruments for children.

Which musical instrument suits your child?

You may also want to discuss with your child what kind of music they want to make. This can severely limit the choice of which instrument to use. The musical preferences of your child should also be included in the decision.

  • If your child is interested in rock music , they can try out guitar, bass or drums, for example.
  • If your child wants to play in a wind orchestra , they should learn a wind instrument such as the trumpet, flute or saxophone.
  • Your child can play pop music with keyboard, guitar, bass and drums.
  • If it wants to play in a classical orchestra , almost all instruments are suitable.

Which instrument: recorder?

If children don’t know exactly which instrument they want to play, it pays to start with an uncomplicated one first. The recorder is a typical beginner’s instrument that your child can learn to play quite quickly. This makes it possible to quickly experience success that motivates your child. Most children can play the recorder without any problems because it is small and therefore made for children’s hands. In addition, the recorder is a relatively cheap instrument. Depending on the material, it costs between ten and fifty euros.

Which instrument: piano and keyboard?

The keyboard instruments are very popular because they are easy to use and offer a great variety of sounds and playing thanks to the many keys. In order to play the piano, your child should be skilled and have stamina. A disadvantage is that a piano takes up a lot of space and is very expensive to buy. However, there is the possibility of first renting the piano and possibly buying it later by means of a so-called hire purchase. A somewhat space-saving alternative is to purchase a keyboard.

Which instrument: guitar?

Which instrument is probably the most popular of all? The guitar. Even simple chords sound good and motivate your child to keep going. For more than one song accompaniment, however, your child needs stamina and skill. Your child can take a guitar with them everywhere and make music at any time – at the campfire, in the garden, with friends or at school. A new guitar for children is available from around 150 euros, depending on the quality and size. In this article you will find many great models for every age group.

Which instrument: trumpet, flute, clarinet, etc.?

Larger wind instruments such as the trumpet, clarinet or flute require sufficient lung volume. That’s why children usually can’t start until they are ten to twelve years old. Lip work is very important with these instruments. The saxophone and clarinet also require your child’s hands to be large enough to cover the sound holes.

Which instrument: drums?

A drum set is particularly suitable for children who enjoy rhythms. Even young children can start with a drum or a rattle, for example, and work their way up to drums over the years. The instrument is well suited for energetic, restless children who would like to let off steam. However, you should keep in mind that drum kits produce a lot of noise and take up a lot of space. Maybe you have a basement room or a garage where your child can practice.

Which instrument: violin, cello and viola?

In order to learn a stringed instrument like the violin or the cello, your child needs discipline and patience above all, because success only comes after a lot of practice. Your child should also have good hearing and be skilled with their hands and fingers. A good violin for children is not exactly cheap either, so your child should be able to handle it well and be sure that they want to play this instrument before you buy one.

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