Irish first names: our top 20 for girls and boys

Irish first names for girls and boys are sometimes not that easy to pronounce. We have put together an overview of simple yet beautiful names from the Emerald Isle for you here.


Irish first names for girls

Are you looking for an individual first name for your offspring? How about an Irish first name? Our top 20 for girls is coming now:

  • Cara  stands for “the friend”
  • Aeryn means  “daughter of Ireland” and is therefore a true Irish given name for girls
  • Eireen is the Irish form of the name Irene and means “the peaceful one”.
  • Brianna is translated as  “the noble”
  • Shae means “the admirable”
  • Erin  comes from the Old Irish word “eire” = “Ireland” and is thus translated as “the one from Ireland”.
  • Kelly stands for “brave warrior”
  • Nuala is translated as “the white-shouldered sky fairy”
  • Enya stands for “fire of life”
  • Shaylee can be translated as “sunny clearing”
  • Saoirse (pronounced ser-scha) means “freedom” and is a typical Irish given name
  • Teagan  is the Irish form of the Welsh name “Tegwin” meaning “beautiful” and “pretty”.
  • Darcy  means “dark” or “dark-haired” and can be used as a given name for both girls and boys
  • Brigid  /  Bridget  is attributed to the goddess of poetry in Celtic mythology and means “the bright” or “the radiant”
  • Eilis  is the Gaelic form of Elizabeth and means “God is perfect”.
  • Rhonda  comes from Welsh and means “great queen”
  • Caitlin  means “the sincere one”
  • Alannah  is translated as “the beautiful”
  • Niamh (pronounced niev) is a really fancy given name for girls, meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘splendour’
  • Fiona  is translated as “the blonde”

Irish boy names

There are also a large number of unusual first names for boys in Ireland. Here are our favourites:

  • Conor stands for “the dog lover” and is ideal if you already have a four-legged friend at home
  • Sean means “Yahweh is gracious”
  • Cian (pronounced kijan) means “old” or “enduring”
  • Callum  is the Gaelic version of Latin “columba” meaning “the dove”
  • Dermot means “free man”
  • Niall means “the passionate”
  • Finbar means “the one with the white hair”
  • Ronan stands for “little seal” and is therefore a really suitable choice for the offspring
  • Liam is a popular first name in English and means ‘resolute protector’
  • Davy  stands for “the beloved”
  • Cody  translates to “Son of the Sun” and is a fancy name for your little sunshine
  • Brodie  means “the ditch”
  • Kane  stands for “Fighters of Justice”
  • Sullivan  is a really special name, meaning ‘the one with the black eyes’
  • Oscar means “friend of the deer”
  • Tadhg (pronounced tige) means “the poet” or “the bard”
  • Lorcan  stands for “the little wild one”
  • Angus  means “the power” and “the strength” and is a beautiful boy name
  • Devlin  is translated as “very brave”
  • Oisin (pronounced oschin) means “little deer”

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