is he into me You can look out for these signs

is he into me is he just playing Or am I understanding something completely wrong? Here we reveal how a woman can tell how he thinks about her.

is he into me – A simple answer

Whether it’s in real life, on social media or on the phone, old-school – if he’s into you, he wants to spend a lot of time with you. If he asks you briefly after a meeting and when you’ll see each other again, that’s definitely a good sign! But beware! As always, there are type differences. “A lot” is very relative anyway, and while one might want to see you every day, for the other, dating you twice in the same week might be exciting. In any case, it is about knowing the other person is nearby (quasi at his side) and – very importantly – getting to know him better. Here you will get additional tips on how your dates will definitely be a success .

“What are you doing?”

Especially when it comes to possible partners for a relationship, there is often more to this rather banal question… Because getting to know each other is partly a prerequisite, partly also a part of and for partnership. So if he frequently asks about your interests, occupations and your opinion, he is interested in you as a person.

This also applies the other way around

If he likes you, he wants to get to know you , but also want you to know him. If he is serious, he will not only try to impress you, for example by telling you how much sport he does or which great places he has already visited (maybe that too, but not only), but you too want to show a piece of himself. These can be thoughts, wishes, dreams, hopes, but just as well concrete things like friends, family, your pet, your club or your favorite pub .

  • At the latest when he tries to introduce you to his people, it is clear that he not only likes you, but that he also wants a long-term relationship with you.
  • Important! Also and especially here people are very different. Sharing personal information is not equally easy for everyone. Especially not if you’re just getting to know each other. So be patient and feel honored to some extent when he takes you into his confidence and shows you his world beyond the surface.


Behavior is always a question of type, so there are no ultimate signs that always come or always mean the same thing. However, there are some indications worth looking out for:

  • Does he text you often? That can be: more often than usual, more often than others or others
  • Does he use a lot of emotional emojis? Hearts are the clearest, but also – sometimes exaggerated – many salmon smileys indicate that he likes you. Maybe he subconsciously wants to make you laugh.
  • Does he know many of your pictures/posts/snaps? Then he obviously wants to know about you. Does he like all your posts? Then he might be looking for your attention.

When you see each other…

  • When you are in a group, whose attention is on whom? Where when you meet as a couple? Is he more interested in you or his phone?
  • What does his look say? is he looking at you in your eyes And how is he doing it – relaxed, excited, bored, curious, shy? If his pupils are dilated, this can be a sign of increased attention.
  • How is his posture ? The body turns almost automatically to the most interesting subject / object. So try to find out what his body is geared towards. Watch his legs. For example, if he crosses his right leg over his left, he turns away from the right side and towards the left (ideally you). Even arms can be exciting. It is clear that folded arms express rejection. But it is not so easy to notice how easily and inconspicuously arms and hands move towards each other when interested, perhaps even touching briefly.
  • In general: If he is looking for physical contact, he wants to be close to you. This can be done openly, for example with a hug, but also in a more subtle, playful way, for example that he punches you jokingly or takes something away from you in the hope that you will come and get it back. Important! If you’re seriously uncomfortable with something, let him know! In situations that are fun in themselves, one often overlooks things that are subsequently perceived as unpleasant.
  • Outsiders usually notice more than those who are in a certain situation themselves. So listen to the advice of friends and strangers who know him or, at best, you.


people are different. That’s why you should always keep his personality in mind when trying to gauge him. Of course, the better you know him, the easier it will be for you to do this. In addition, it is hardly possible to completely hide one’s feelings. So watch out for small clues. If you’re not sure, ask others for advice if they’ve noticed this or that, too. In the end, however, the following always applies: listen to your heart! And in an emergency: Talk to him. Almost anything is better than eternal uncertainty.

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