Karate for children: courses, equipment and costs

Children can learn karate from the age of three. In this Asian martial art, little karateka learn to defend themselves in dangerous situations using special punching and kicking techniques. Find out here what exactly children learn in class and what clothes children need for karate.

When can children learn karate?

  • Children can practice karate from the age of three. The exercises are still fun and game-oriented and are intended to introduce you to the Asian martial arts.
  • Similar to judo , children can take their first exam in karate around the age of seven. Usually they then leave the “children’s group” and begin to get to know and deepen the traditional karate training.

What do children learn in karate?

In karate, children first learn the basics of the Japanese martial art. The little ones not only familiarize themselves with various movement sequences, but also gain an insight into the basic rules of conduct such as discipline, respect, courage and team spirit. The young karate students, also known as karateka, learn to defend themselves in dangerous situations using punching, pushing, kicking and blocking techniques.

Where can children learn karate?

Karate for children is offered by various institutions. Your offspring can learn Japanese martial arts in a club, a technical or martial arts school. Courses for your child will certainly also be offered in your city. You can find out about the current offers and prices from the organizers on the Internet in advance. Free trial training sessions are often offered for children who want to try karate. In this way you can get a first impression of the premises and karate trainers together with your offspring.

How much does karate cost for children?

The fees vary depending on where you register your offspring. In a club you usually have to reckon with an annual fee of between 60 and 90 euros. You should also factor in other costs, such as a one-time admission fee and exam fees. For training in a martial arts or specialist sports school, you should expect a higher fee.

How long does a karate class last?

Whether it’s a sports school, club or martial arts school, different course units are offered depending on the provider. Basically, you should assume that your offspring will train once or twice a week for about 60 minutes.

What does your child need to learn karate?

For karate children need a special karate suit. This consists of trousers tied at the hips and a jacket made of white cotton fabric. Some jackets are held together with light lacing. The karate suit is completed by a colored belt, the so-called obi. Since the little karateka usually train barefoot, you should give your child indoor shoes for the way to the changing room or to the toilet.

What skills does karate promote in children?

  • Health: Karate trains your child’s entire body. This not only gives your child more energy, but also makes them less susceptible to illnesses.
  • Motor skills: The exercises specifically promote your child’s strength, mobility and endurance.
  • Cognitive skills: In karate, children learn not only to concentrate on their own bodies, but also to pay attention to commands. This trains responsiveness and discipline. The little ones get the chance to develop their strengths and deal with their own weaknesses.
  • Social skills: Through the various partner exercises, children learn very quickly to treat each other with respect.

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