Making childbirth easier with acupuncture?

Have you heard of prenatal acupuncture? It should make childbirth easier for you and reduce your back pain in the last trimester of pregnancy. Many midwives offer this 2000 year old method of Chinese medicine.

Prepare for childbirth with acupuncture

Many midwives recommend antenatal acupuncture to women in the last trimester of pregnancy. An acupuncture session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. As a patient, you will be placed in a calm and relaxed position (lying or sitting). Before inserting a needle, the site and the immediate area are lightly massaged. After the acupuncture you should relax for a while. Acupuncture treatment should be carried out in consultation with your doctor. Gynecologists and midwives with additional training may carry out acupuncture treatment.

During pregnancy: relieve back pain

You can relieve your back pain during your pregnancy with an acupuncture treatment. In contrast to pain-relieving medication, acupuncture treatment is harmless for your baby.

acupuncture during childbirth

The needles are inserted into fixed points (e.g. in the leg and in the little toe) during your delivery. This relaxes your body and your cervix opens much faster. As a consequence:

  • The administration of painkillers will be reduced during your delivery.
  • Your delivery will be accelerated.
  • There are fewer complications ( e.g. caesarean section , heavy post-operative bleeding).
  • Your placenta (placenta) detaches faster.

However, acupuncture cannot be compared with pain-relieving agents such as PDA (epidural anesthesia) . Unfortunately, it cannot make the pain during your delivery completely go away. However, since acupuncture has a relaxing effect, it relieves cramps (these often arise due to the fear that arises before childbirth) and thereby reduces the pain. You can also be treated with acupuncture after the birth of your child (e.g. for mood swings, pain, bleeding, breast inflammation and breastfeeding problems ).

A little tip: The use of acupuncture can also help your partner who is certainly stressed during your delivery (e.g. against circulatory problems).

clarify financing

Acupuncture is usually not covered by health insurance and often has to be paid for privately. If you are now interested in acupuncture treatment, then simply ask your health insurance provider.

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