Mom films her daughter’s birth – and it’s impressive

Simone Thurber decided to take a bold step: she filmed her daughter’s birth – and shared it on the Internet. This video is not for the faint-hearted, but it shows the magic of childbirth from a side that we have only very, very rarely been allowed to see in this form. Absolutely impressive.

Simone Thurber from the US state of Utah dared to do something that few would dare: Not only did she give birth to her daughter in the middle of nature, but she also allowed herself to be filmed doing it. These images are surprising and shocking at the same time – but they open our eyes to something great: the great miracle of childbirth.

“That was my most conscious act as a woman so far”

“This video shows my fourth birth,” explains Simone, who is a trained doula herself, in this video. “It was the most significant and memorable experience of my life and my most conscious act as a woman to date.”

The now-mum-of-four told the New York Post : “I didn’t share this video on the internet to get my point across to everyone. I just thought it would interest a few people what it’s like to give birth in nature and inspire women to do it in case they wish to give birth outside of a hospital . I didn’t expect this tremendous interest.”

A birth in nature

When she decided to give birth to her little daughter Perouze in a stream, she brought up a story from her parents. According to Simone, the two were missionaries in Papua New Guinea and witnessed births up close – and they all took place in the great outdoors.

“My first three girls were home births, but I always wanted to give birth to a baby in nature,” says Simone, who was deeply impressed by the idea. “I’m not a cheesy hippie mom, but I wanted my child to be born away from the beeping machines and hospital atmosphere.” The result is these impressive images that leave us completely speechless.

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