Mouth wipes: contraception during oral sex

Contraception isn’t just about condoms and the pill: In this article, we’ll show you how you can protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex by using dental dams.

It is well known that you should always use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. What is far less known is that there are many diseases that can also be transmitted during oral sex. These include, for example, gonorrhea, hepatitis or herpes. So if you have sex with different or many new partners who do not regularly have their doctor test them for sexually transmitted diseases, you should use contraception.

There are dental dams, also known as dental dams, for exactly this purpose. This is a barrier method, like the condom or the diaphragm – but it only protects against STDs, not against pregnancy.

Surgical wipes are wafer-thin wipes that are usually made from latex. They are used during oral sex and thus protect the active partner.

How to use wipes

So far, wet wipes have been more common in queer or polyamorous circles than in heterosexual, monogamous relationships. That’s because awareness of safe sex and STDs is often greater here.

Mouth wipes are used when a partner’s mouth is in contact with the other’s vulva or anus. But it is also used if you do not want to do without cunnilingus during menstruation. Here the dam acts as a barrier between the tongue of the active partner and the blood.

You spread the cloth over the area to be stimulated. If it doesn’t stick well to your partner’s skin, you can moisten the edges with some lubricant. After each use, the dam must of course be disposed of. In addition, you should not turn it around, use it for other partners or try it on several parts of the body. The latter can lead to bacteria from the anus being introduced into the vulva and causing inflammation there.

The cloth is large enough that slipping is practically impossible. It can happen that the sensory perceptions are somewhat inhibited. While this is a slight limitation, it doesn’t take away from the fun of oral sex in any way. This way you can enjoy sex all the more, knowing that you don’t have to worry about STDs like chlamydia or syphilis .

You can find wipes here

Unfortunately, sachets are not as widely used as condoms. Nevertheless, you can now find them in some drugstores or pharmacies. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can also order them online from trusted suppliers.

If you don’t have a dam at hand, but you don’t want to do without oral sex, you can make a dam yourself out of a condom: Simply cut off the tip of a condom to create a kind of tube. You then cut this lengthwise in one place. The rectangular cloth that you get in this way can then be used like a lick cloth. Make sure, however, that the condom is not wetted with spermicide or lubricant.

This method is relatively safe and is also recommended by doctors. However, it has the disadvantage that the resulting towelette is smaller than a regular towelette. In addition, the inherent taste of the condom can be perceived as unpleasant.

In any case, you should refrain from misusing other objects, such as cling film. This is more permeable and therefore does not offer adequate protection against viruses and germs.

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