Preparing for childbirth and childbirth

As your due date approaches, it’s time to organize a few things. Immediately before the birth, you and your partner will be thinking about completely different things. With these seven tips you have prepared the most important things and can look forward to the birth and postpartum period more relaxed.

stock up

Since you won’t be able to carry heavy weights before or after the birth, you should stock up on all basic food items and crates of drinks. It is best to choose non-perishable foods. Some storage jars and mason jars last a long time and provide a base to combine with freshly-bought groceries. In order to make life easier for you shortly after the birth, you can also cook extra portions and freeze them. Once the baby arrives and you need time to breastfeed and do other things, you’ll appreciate your foresight.

organize help

Talk to your partner, a friend or your mother or mother-in-law about the time after the birth. Because in the first few days you should neither have to cook, clean nor go shopping, but rest and get to know your baby. Your partner should also be able to enjoy the time as much as possible. If he can take time off, that’s great. But even then, a third person who supports you for at least a few hours a day can be very valuable. So you can enjoy the time together with the child.

Provide timely care for children and pets

If you already have children or pets, you should make sure they are cared for while you are in the hospital. Maybe they can be looked after by a grandmother or a friend during this time? If you wish to have a home birth , you should prepare your children for this experience in good time.

aftercare midwife

Be sure to contact an aftercare midwife in good time . Many midwives are in high demand, so it is advisable to take care of this early on.

Keep important phone numbers handy

To make things go faster when you go into labor, it’s helpful to make a list of all your important phone numbers and keep them next to your phone. The numbers of your doctor, midwife, person who takes care of children or pets and the maternity ward are particularly important. If your partner is difficult to reach, he might want to get a cell phone in good time.

Pack your hospital bag in time

It is also helpful if you have already packed your suitcase for the hospital stay. In our “Hospital bag checklist” you will find everything you need for your emergency bag and everything that can be taken to the hospital the day after the birth.

Baby essentials checklist

Check a few weeks before the birth date whether you have already bought the most important things for your baby and whether you are already well equipped. Then you don’t have to spend time in childbirth in baby markets or pharmacies. You will find clearly arranged checklists in our “Checklist baby initial equipment” .

After organizing these things, you will be able to look forward to the birth date more relaxed. We wish you a wonderful time!

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