Sacral massage during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the sacrum is particularly stressed because it is connected to the uterus. A sacrum massage has a relaxing effect on the entire pelvic area.

A sacrum massage is particularly suitable between contractions to relieve pain and calm the nerve tracts. To do this, either the sacral region from the coccyx to the iliac crests can be massaged with firm circular movements of the palm of the hand or just with the thumb. The intensity depends on the individual well-being. For the massage, get on your knees and support yourself on an exercise ball or chair. But you can also relax in bed

How is the sacrum massage massaged?

The sacral region is massaged from the coccyx to the iliac crests. Your partner can do this with either the whole palm or just the thumb. Pay attention to whether the pressure exerted is pleasant or perhaps too strong.

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