Sex toys for couples: These sex toys exist

Sex toys are not just for self-gratification. Together as a couple, sex toys make your sex life that much more exciting. Orgasms become more intense and even foreplay can become a hot adventure. Here we show you what the market has in store for you.

More eroticism for couples thanks to sex toys

There is a whole range of different toys among the sex toys. Each one has its own appeal, because even if natural intimacy is beautiful – with sex toys, a passion that has perhaps died down can  be rekindled . There are no limits to the possibilities of experimenting with them.

These sex toys give you an unforgettable sex experience

Sex toys for both heat up the bedroom properly. Love balls, for example, make foreplay an erotic adventure. Whips, blindfolds and bondage bring the sensual experience of sex to a higher level.

  • The cock ring  makes the male member stiffer and bigger. This is because the ring constricts the shaft somewhat, causing blood to be pooled at the base of the penis. This even makes the penis a bit thicker. Thanks to the penis ring , your penetration is more intense and your partner can even last longer.
  • Vibrating eggs are little magicians. They are great for sensual foreplay. Insert the mini vibrator, you or your partner can set the frequency with the remote control. So you let your partner get hot at the sight.
  • The partner vibrator is a kind  of double vibrator . You insert the thinner end before sex, but your partner still has enough space in your vagina. The thicker end stimulates your clitoris. The motor of the vibrator stimulates both of you during sex. Penis, clitoris and your G-spot get their money’s worth. A water-based lubricant makes it easier to use.
  • finger vibrator can be used in many different ways. Your partner can use it to stimulate your clitoris or vagina during foreplay and during sex. If you like anal sex, you can both use it to massage your anus during sex. This also allows you to caress wonderfully erogenous zones, such as the nipples.
  • An anal dildo or butt plugs  give you an additional love stimulus during vaginal penetration. When using it, it is very important to prepare the anus well for penetration and to use a water-based lubricant.
  • If you like hard sex, you will get your money’s worth with  whips and handcuffs. Blindfolds and feathers also ensure an intense sex experience.

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