Sports courses for children: find the right sport

Courses for children in which the little ones can do sports promote their physical, mental and social development. But with so many sports, it’s easy to lose track. We have summarized the most popular courses for children and tell you what your child will learn there.

Why should children take physical education classes?

Courses are important for children, because their coordination, speed, strength, endurance and mobility can only develop optimally through sufficient exercise. The little ones learn to assess their bodies better and their motor skills improve. In addition, children who move a lot are more active, more concentrated and less susceptible to illnesses.

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Which of the courses for children to choose?

Parents should never choose courses for their children on their own. This means that you should talk to your offspring about the subject of a sports course in advance. What exactly are your child’s interests? Which sport suits him? Is your offspring lively or rather shy? So first ask your child what they feel like doing, then you can go to a sports club together.

“Introductory sports” are particularly suitable for the beginning. These are the so-called core sports, in which skills and basic characteristics are acquired that will later make it easier for your offspring to learn other sports. Athletics, for example, is one of these core sports.
Tip: Before you buy expensive equipment, it is advisable for your offspring to take trial lessons, because children usually like to try out different sports.

The most popular sports courses for children

Get an overview of the most popular sports below. This is how you can find out for sure what your child could enjoy.

ballet and dance

Little girls and boys like to dance. From the age of three to four, your offspring can take part in one of the children’s dance or ballet courses . Your child will not only have fun with these sports, they also train his body awareness and promote his social skills.

Martial arts such as karate or judo

Children’s courses such as judo , karate , taekwon-do or aikido train body awareness, coordination, concentration and speed in particular. But the self-esteem of the little ones is also strengthened. Here your offspring will learn that you don’t have to be Hercules to have fun in these sports. In these martial arts, children from the age of three learn to act with brains instead of muscles.


Well secured, children from the age of seven learn to better assess their strength, flexibility, concentration and coordination when climbing . Children are usually secured and supervised by supervisors when climbing.


In athletics , children learn not only running, jumping and throwing disciplines, but also how to deal with competitive situations. Due to the wide spectrum of the many disciplines, this sport is also very versatile. From the age of four, children can train their speed, endurance, strength and coordination in a targeted manner.

team sport

Volleyball, basketball and handball are recommended for ages eight and up. The classic team sport of football can be practiced by little boys and girls from around five years of age. In addition to stamina, speed and coordination, these children’s courses promote team spirit in particular.


A quarter of all members of equestrian clubs are under 14 years old. For very young horse lovers, there are courses for children from the age of four. Taking care of the horses is an important part of riding lessons. Children not only have fun, but also learn to take responsibility for another living being. When riding , balance, fine and gross motor skills and posture are promoted.

To swim

Not only splashing around in the water, but also swimming is usually great fun for children. Many clubs therefore offer regular courses for children from the age of four. Children usually learn to swim properly from the age of six. In one of the children’s courses, they learn the basic swimming movements step by step. First with, then without tools. The little ones develop a good body awareness and self-confidence in the water. Regular swimming is also good for your health. It strengthens the heart and circulation, stimulates the metabolism and is easy on the joints.

To ski

Little ski bunnies can try and ski for the first time from the age of four . Children like to be outdoors and in the snow. Therefore, skiing has a high experience value. The only disadvantage of this sport – it can often only be practiced in winter, in a ski resort, as there is not a ski hall in every city.


Children ‘s tennis courses are recommended from the age of five. As with any other sport, it is important that the little ones want to learn this ball sport themselves. Tennis improves coordination and flexibility as well as fitness through running.

Do gymnastics

Sports clubs also offer gymnastics for children from the age of three. Whether jumping around, jumping rope, doing somersaults or climbing over boxes – gymnastics is not only fun for the little ones, it also lays the foundation for many social skills such as consideration and compliance with rules.


Children’s yoga not only ensures relaxation for your child, the exercises also help to maintain a healthy spine, strengthen the immune system and promote concentration. Supplementary meditations and relaxation exercises lead the children to their inner haven of peace. Your offspring can already take part in their first yoga exercises at the age of three.

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