Take it easy and relax during pregnancy

You should avoid physical and mental exertion as your child develops. This is especially true for lifting heavy objects and mental stress.


Lift really heavy things

When lifting heavy objects, make sure that you always squat and stand up with a straight back. It is best to have your feet in a slight lunge. This relieves the back and prevents back pain. Also tighten the pelvic floor before getting up.

Relax as often as possible

You will certainly not always manage not to get upset or get into a stressful situation during your pregnancy. Especially when the birth is getting closer and closer, feelings like fear and insecurity can hardly be avoided. It is therefore particularly important that you learn to relax early on. Not only your child, but also you need rest. Any stress or other negative experiences do not only burden you. Your child is now taking part in your life and is aware of all your feelings. Stress and restlessness increase the risk of a miscarriage or premature birth. Try to relax as much as possible and have a good time. Because everything that is good for you is also good for your child.

Tips for relaxation

Consciously take a break during your pregnancy and use it specifically for relaxation phases.

  • Lie down and relax and listen to your favorite music or read a good book.
  • Look inside yourself. Imagine how your child lies protected in your stomach and feel its movements.
  • In yoga, for example, you can learn breathing exercises for relaxation. Find out about a course especially for pregnant women. Or browse our MomaSquad Prenatal Yoga Program . You can watch the instructions on video and print them out.
  • Let your partner pamper you with a massage , for example .
  • Water aerobics and many other courses for pregnant women help you to relieve and relax your back.
  • A warm bath in the candlelight also lets you relax.

If you learn to relax during your pregnancy, this experience will be very helpful to you during the birth.

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