Taking a break as a mom

Every mother needs a break when everything just gets too much and the nerves threaten to tear. Find out here which strategies you can use as a mother to take a break.


Why does a mother need a break?

Surely you have already experienced days when you as a mother need a break because everything seems to be going against you and you have no idea how to withstand the stress: the dishes are piling up in the kitchen, the mountains of laundry are growing and the child is constantly crying because it is teething or going through a growth spurt.

With the birth of her child, a mother faces constant tension and stress, especially if she has a child who cries excessively. This creates extreme situations, especially in the first year of life, which often push the parents to their limits. This is completely normal and natural, but should of course be avoided.

Children can not be considerate

Although you as a mother need a break, you cannot expect your child to understand the situation. The little ones can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes and aren’t able to show consideration. That’s why your child keeps romping around, screaming or messing up the apartment as usual, even though you’re at the end of your strength. You may think your child wants to annoy you and are about to take all your helplessness and desperation out on your child, yell at them or even shake them. This makes the situation even worse because the child reacts by screaming.

So you can take a break as a mother

Make sure you get regular time off. You should really use your free time to relax. Leave the housework behind and come to rest so that you have your strength again. We have put together a few tips for you on how you, as a mother, can take a break:

  • If you are about to vent your anger at the wrong moment, then it is high time to act – as a mother, take some time out, leave the room and seek peace for a moment.
  • Ask your partner to relieve you when he is available. You can also call a friend.
  • Have visitors come and take your little one for a walk.
  • Give your child to relatives or friends for an afternoon or even a whole day.

If situations aggravate or repeat themselves in which you as a mother need a break, you should seek professional help. If your baby cries a lot, contact a parent-child counseling service or the so-called crying ambulances.

In the brochure “Single parents. Tips and information” from the “Federal Association of Single Mothers and Fathers eV” (VAMV) you will find a lot of help about everyday life as a single parent and you can find out about contact and advice centers for single parents.

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