The pregnancy test is positive: what’s next?

Anna is one of our MomaSquad and a mother-to-be who wants to share her experiences and adventures during her first pregnancy with all other MomaSquad. You can follow the development in her pregnancy blog and look forward to the birth of her first child with her.

I’m pregnant!

I had already bought the pregnancy test a few weeks ago, so the wait until I could finally take it seemed almost forever. But then the day finally came: after my period was more than a week late, I took the test and… it was positive!

When I said it to my husband, he couldn’t believe it: “How cool are we, right?”. The reason he was so surprised was that we had been using ovulation tests to determine my fertile days lately. And it actually worked, because that’s how it worked on the first try!

questions upon questions

After the initial excitement, the first questions popped up in my head: Do I have to go to the gynecologist immediately ? do i call my mom Have I done anything in the last few days that I shouldn’t have done when I was pregnant ? Is the baby okay?

Since I’ve only been living in Germany for three years, actually I’m from Catalonia, and the organizational aspects are still very new to me. The social security system is not the same as in Barcelona, ​​nor is maternity leave … So I will have to learn everything slowly.

First examinations at the gynecologist

When I called the gynecologist, I got an appointment for the initial examination very quickly . Luckily I already knew the gynecologist. Until recently I was always treated by a gynecologist, but a friend recommended this doctor to me and I am very satisfied with the care. The fact that German is not my mother tongue is usually not a big problem, some questions are not easy, but we understand each other.

I was very excited when I had my first ultrasound . There, on the screen, it was, the little speck that finally confirmed my pregnancy. He looked like a tiny bean. The doctor told me to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound as the baby is very small at the moment.

The gynecologist already knew my history. He knew that my irregular periods and the cysts in my ovaries had made me struggling to finally conceive. So when he confirmed the pregnancy, he shook my hand with a sincere smile.

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