Tips for a relaxed Christmas: Avoid these topics

Christmas with the family could be so nice if it didn’t end in quarrels and arguments every year. We want to remedy the situation and have put together 10 topics of conversation that should definitely be avoided. This is how Christmas with the family is sure to be contemplative.

Merry Christmas or risk of explosion?

Most people spend Christmas with their families. But how often have you experienced that the contemplative get-together with your loved ones degenerates into a veritable small war? Old arguments, high expectations, alcohol and the mother-in-law’s taunting questions combine to create an explosive mixture. But this year things will definitely be better.

10 topics to avoid at Christmas

We’ve put together 10 topics that shouldn’t be discussed at Christmas with the family. If everyone pulls together for a few hours, family peace is sure to be preserved. So you can look forward to spending Christmas with your family without any worries.

Who got what as a gift?

No one likes to be rubbed in their face that they just got a silly scarf as a gift, while their sister is enjoying expensive earrings. So if someone starts comparing gifts, the subject should be changed as soon as possible. Does Uncle Paul like to complain every year that Aunt Erna inherited the beautiful chest of drawers and he just got the stupid photo album? Here, too, the subject should be changed to an exciting anecdote. Nothing is deadlier than envy and jealousy in matters of inheritance.

“Quite a lot of weight!” or “Don’t drink so much!”

Even if Uncle Harald greets everyone with bloodshot eyes and a smell of alcohol or you notice that Aunt Clara has gained quite a bit of weight: Christmas is the celebration of love. Better: pinch toxic comments and give a compliment instead! Who wants to hear from their own family that they are overweight or addicted to alcohol?

“When will we finally have a grandchild?”

Everyone can really do without these questions! No matter how badly mom wants to know, she shouldn’t ask these questions at Christmas with the family. When the time comes, she’ll find out anyway.


It is a well-known fact that there is no arguing about taste, nor about questions of faith. If your own brother has been a convinced atheist for 20 years, he will certainly not allow himself to be converted to Christianity on Christmas Eve, but at most have angry discussions about the Pope. Therefore, the topic of religion should be avoided as a precaution.


The issue of politics is almost as sensitive as the issue of religion. Different opinions about the Chancellor are of course allowed, but not necessarily under the Christmas tree. For once, political views should be allowed to get away with Christmas.


Even if you work terribly hard for it, at Christmas you shouldn’t brag to your family about how much money you make, how fast the new car drives or how nice the Australian holiday was. A bit of consideration for those present who are not doing so well financially is called for. One should rather wrap oneself in elegant silence, at least as far as the wallet is concerned.


Of course it’s fun to make fun of your mother-in-law behind her back or to gossip uncontrollably about a cousin who isn’t there. But that doesn’t have to be at Christmas! How quickly does something like that fly up and what will the others say about you if you leave the room for a moment?

Old sibling rivalries

If old stories are dug up, then maybe not the one that your sister stole your first boyfriend and you kicked down her door in anger. Quarrels that happened years ago should not be repeated over Christmas dinner.

who is the favorite child

Discussing who the parents love the most isn’t exactly a peace-maker at Christmas either. This topic is very sensitive for everyone involved and there will certainly not be a satisfactory solution to the problem under the Christmas tree. So it’s better not to talk about it!

information from cyberspace

Even if your own brother makes his new relationship status public on Facebook, that does not mean that all other family members know about it. He should have the opportunity to say whatever he wants. Restraint is the order of the day here!

If it is suddenly very quiet at the Christmas dinner with the family because everyone does not address their usual topics, luckily you can still talk about the weather. There’s definitely no quarrel.

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