Tips for birthdays in kindergarten

Tips for birthdays in kindergarten

The birthday in kindergarten should be a very special experience for your child and his friends from kindergarten. Find out what ideas and rituals kindergartens have and what parents can contribute.

Discuss the birthday in kindergarten at parents’ evening

To ensure that the birthday in kindergarten is a success, you can use the first parents’ evening at the beginning of the kindergarten year to discuss with other parents and educators how the birthday in kindergarten should be celebrated. Kindergartens and educators often already have very precise ideas about the rituals they would like to use to organize a birthday in kindergarten. It is best to talk to her about the process again about a week before your child’s birthday. So you can be sure that you know the customs of the kindergarten and don’t forget anything.

Kindergarten birthday rituals

Each facility has its own rituals for birthdays in kindergarten. They are particularly cared for and strictly adhered to. This gives children a clearly recognizable structure for birthday parties. Some kindergartens fall back on a fixed theme: a witch festival, Jim Button and Luke the engine driver. These stories fascinate the children and make the festival something special. Commonly used rituals for birthdays in kindergarten include:

  • Setting a small birthday table with a tablecloth.
  • A birthday wreath with a candle for each year of life and a big light of life in the middle.
  • Homemade table decorations that suit the season.
  • A small gift for the child. Some kindergartens have a gift chest from which the birthday child can choose something.
  • Birthday dinner or cake eating together.
  • Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.
  • The birthday child gets a special birthday place at the joint meal and celebration, for example on a throne or a special chair.
  • Singing birthday songs like “Today it may rain…”, “Good luck and many blessings…” or “Happy Birthday to you…”.
  • The “let it live”. For each year of life, the birthday child is lifted up once on a chair by the educators.
  • The birthday child is allowed to determine the games on this day. Singing and dancing games, finger games or games of skill for older children are also often played. Do you know a game that your child particularly enjoys playing? Then discuss it with the educators beforehand, whether they can schedule it for the birthday. Especially when the weather is bad, classics like “The Plumpsack is going around”, “Silent Post” or “Potschlag” are well received.

What to give the child for their birthday in kindergarten?

Kindergartens have their own ideas about what parents can and cannot give their children for their birthday in kindergarten. Some refuse sweets, others prefer to bake the cake themselves with the children. But parents can bring the following to most kindergartens:

  • Cake: A birthday cake is well received and is most often given to kindergarten. In the next section we have put together five tips for you about the cake.
  • Healthy Snacks: It doesn’t always have to be sweet. Many kindergartens also think it’s great if you bring tasty and healthy snacks with you as an alternative or in addition to the cake, which, for example, fit the chosen topic. This could be whole grain toast with turkey breast, vegetables and chive cream cheese. Sliced ​​watermelons, strawberries or other seasonal fruit could be a hit, especially in summer.
  • Sweets: Some kindergartens appreciate it if you also think of the other children and bring small prizes (sweets or other surprises) for the birthday games.

Birthday in kindergarten: 5 tips about the cake

  • Simple : Simple cakes are often more popular with children than elaborate cakes. The cake should only be decorated and colorful, which is sure to be well received by children. Stick Smarties, colorful sprinkles or gummy bears on it.
  • Handy : It’s easier for everyone when the cake is easy for the kids to grab and eat. You could cut it beforehand or bake muffins as an alternative. Educators and parents will also be grateful if it doesn’t leave too many marks on hands and clothing. Therefore, it is better to abandon a lush chocolate icing.
  • Baking with the child : Your child will definitely have a lot of fun baking and decorating the cake with you. It makes most children very proud when they can present “their” cake at the children’s birthday party in kindergarten.
  • Bake enough cakes : If you give your child a cake to take to kindergarten, you should definitely make sure that there is enough for all the children and that there is also a piece left for the educators.
  • Allergies : You can ask the other mothers beforehand if their children have any allergies or food intolerances. Because it would be a shame if a child had to do without the cake.

Do you want to give your child a particularly original cake? Then browse through our ideas: ” Baking recipes for a birthday cake “.

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