10 tips for breastfeeding: advice for the beginning

Breastfeeding can start with these ten golden tips. In the notes you will find links to more detailed information.

  • Give yourself enough rest and time to breastfeed. Stress is transferred to the child and it will not drink properly and will not be full . Breastfeeding requires patience and perseverance until you and your baby have settled into a breastfeeding rhythm . Especially in the first week of life, you should latch your baby as often as it asks for it.
  • Always start alternately with the left or right breast. In this way you ensure that both are drunk evenly and can therefore produce milk evenly. Otherwise, problems such as engorgement in a breast can occur.
  • Newborns drink for 30 minutes per breast at the beginning. This is normal as it can take up to 20 minutes for the nutritious and fatty milk to arrive. Later it settles down to 10 minutes per breast.
  • During the growth phase, your baby’s needs increase. By feeding more often, you increase milk production.
  • You shouldn’t give your baby extra formula, as it upsets the balance between your breast milk supply and your baby’s demand.
  • You should have them show you how to put it on more often. Also ask the midwife to check the positioning and breastfeeding positions. In this way you can avoid problems such as sore nipples . Your baby needs to get the nipple and most of the areola in his mouth in order to suckle effectively. (Otherwise it will hurt you!)
  • Drinking is important: You should drink two liters of liquid a day if possible. Preferably water or still tea.
  • You can or should breastfeed as long as you and your offspring enjoy it. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends stopping breastfeeding after six months at the earliest .
  • If you have problems breastfeeding, you should seek advice and help from your midwife, your gynecologist or so-called breastfeeding clubs as soon as possible.
  • If not enough milk flows, you can warm the breast with towels or breastfeeding oil, and you should also nurse your child more often. Drinking still tea or malt beer can also be helpful. Both stimulate milk production .

Whether you want to breastfeed or give the milk bottle, you need a few things to feed your baby. In this article we have put together the most important things for baby’s initial equipment.

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