Tips for buying a bike trailer

When buying a bike trailer, you don’t know which criteria to look out for? Find out here which details are decisive when buying a bicycle trailer, because not only a suitable bicycle and a good lighting system are important.


When buying a bike trailer, the most important thing is that you have a suitable bike. Not every trailer automatically fits your bike. It is best to take your bike with you to the specialist dealer when buying a bike trailer. You can not only get advice on site, but also test the different models directly.


When buying a bicycle trailer, make sure that the trailer has good suspension. Suspension is particularly important when transporting children under the age of one year or when driving frequently on uneven terrain, because it is gentle on your offspring’s backs.
Tip: Independent test centers such as Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest regularly evaluate trailers with regard to their suspension. Read our article on bicycle trailers at Ökotest or bicycle trailers at Stiftung Warentest to find out how individual models were rated. You can also inquire directly with the specialist dealer whether your chosen trailer has the ideal suspension for your purposes.

seating comfort

When buying a bicycle trailer, the comfort and safety of your offspring are also crucial. Smaller children fall asleep in the trailer more often. There are therefore special seats and headrests so that the little ones do not slump and slide forward. If your child wears a helmet in the trailer, it is also practical if the backrest offers enough space behind the head. Otherwise the helmet will push itself into the face of your offspring. The helmet loses its protective effect and your child is uncomfortable.
Tip: It is particularly practical if you take your child with you to a specialist retailer when buying a bicycle trailer. It can then be tested directly.

5-point harness system

Your child is particularly protected in the bicycle trailer if it has a firmly anchored seat belt system, the 5-point belt system. The belt system not only creates optimal safety conditions in the event of an impact. Your child cannot simply open the belt on their own.

lighting system

See and be seen – not only your own bike has to be roadworthy and have a suitable lighting system. The bicycle trailer itself must also be equipped in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). This means that when you buy a bicycle trailer, you should make sure that two white reflectors are installed at the front and two red reflectors at the rear. According to the StVZO, a red rear light is mandatory. If your trailer exceeds a total width of 80 cm, you must also equip it with a white headlight on the front left side. There should also be two yellow reflectors in the spokes, so-called clamp reflectors, on both sides of the bicycle trailer. Alternatively, you can also use reflective strips on the tire casings.
Tip: If the rear light of your bike is at the height of the children’s eyes, it is better if you cover it so that your offspring is not dazzled by the red headlight.

side mirror

Whether you are driving along a busy road or along a narrow path – a small rear-view mirror on the handlebars makes it easier for you to see the trailer. So you can always keep an eye on your offspring.

sun protection

Although most trailers have slightly tinted windows, that doesn’t mean they automatically protect against UV rays. So that your child is protected from intense sun rays and heat while driving, it is ideal if your bicycle trailer is equipped with sun protection. The ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest regularly check whether the child trailers have sufficient UV protection.


Since the children’s trailer is lower than the bike, it is advisable to buy a pennant. This is a colorful little flag that is mounted on a long, movable flagpole and attached to the trailer. This makes it easier to see the trailer on the road.


You will certainly want to stow the child trailer in the hallway or basement after a ride. It is therefore ideal if you choose a trailer when buying a bicycle trailer that can be easily folded and unfolded.


Would you like to convert your trailer into a “jogger”? When buying a bicycle trailer, make sure that special extension sets are available for your chosen model and that you can, for example, adjust the handle backwards far enough. This prevents you from hitting the trailer with your feet while walking.

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