8 tips on how to keep children busy at the wedding

If children are invited to your wedding, you can easily make them happy with a little care when planning the wedding. Here you will find some tips to help children and parents feel completely comfortable at the wedding.

Children see a wedding with slightly different eyes. The wedding ceremony that Mama finds so moving takes far too long. The wedding dinner with beef carpaccio looks weird and certainly doesn’t taste as good as spaghetti with tomato sauce. So that you don’t get in a bad mood in the first place, you should make a few preparations especially for children at the wedding. Because if the children are happy, the parents can also celebrate your big day in a relaxed manner.

1) Get an overview of the children at the wedding

Before you rack your brains for a child-friendly wedding, it is best to get an overview first. How many children do you expect to be at the wedding? Which age groups are represented? Do the children already know each other? This makes it easier for you to put together a suitable program for the children at your wedding.

2) Give children space to let off steam at the wedding

If there are many children on the guest list for the wedding, it is worth making room for them to let off steam at the wedding location. In summer, a garden or a large terrace is ideal, but a side room with a few toys is also great for burning off excess energy.

3) Involve children in the wedding

If children are allowed to take on small tasks at your wedding, there will certainly be no boredom. Flower girls, ring bearers or blowing soap bubbles as the wedding couple march out – there are many ways to involve children during the wedding. Another tip: A wedding helper should discuss the process with the little ones again just before the wedding starts. A few calming words will also help against any stage fright.

4) Think about children when eating for the wedding

Children and adults tend to have very different ideas about what the ideal meal for a wedding should be. It is therefore worth having a special wedding meal for the little ones, where they can enjoy harmless classics such as pasta, fries and chicken. They certainly don’t want to miss the piece of wedding cake afterwards. So decide here for sweets without alcohol.

5) Children entertained at the wedding

Professional child care or children’s entertainment also keeps a large group of children happy at the wedding. When it comes to games and other entertainment, there should be something for every age group. So find out what games the animator or nanny has up their sleeve. If the wedding budget is already exhausted, you can also ask friends and relatives if someone can take care of the childcare, even if they take turns.

6) Children’s own table at the wedding

A separate children’s table offers the advantage that the little ones can play or paint together undisturbed while the rest of the wedding party is still eating. However, some children are a bit shy and prefer to sit next to their parents. So the pros and cons depend a bit on the temperament of the kids. Surely you can attract some doubters to the children’s table with small surprises and a brightly colored decoration. For example, by giving each child a gift bag with coloring books, pens, stickers and small toys. Another tip: Instead of high-quality crockery, stable plates and cups are suitable for the children’s table, which may not match the rest of the wedding design, but can withstand a lot.

7) Think about children when planning wedding games

In particular , wedding games that bring movement to the wedding party are a nice change for children after sitting for a long time. Anyone who takes on the organization of the wedding games should therefore not forget the kids. Classics like the trip to Jerusalem are still fun for young and old.

8) Letting children sleep at the wedding

The later the evening, the more tired the little wedding guests get. So that parents don’t have to leave the party early, you can organize a quiet adjoining room where the children can rest undisturbed at the wedding. The sleep of the little ones can also be easily monitored in the ballroom via a baby monitor.

At a wedding party you can’t please everyone and you can’t prevent every mishap. But surely parents and children will appreciate your efforts and remember the wedding fondly. By the way, you can find more suggestions for planning your wedding in our Wedding special .

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