U3 Kindergarten: What do parents have to consider?

Not many facilities are suitable as U3 kindergartens, as kindergartens are usually designed to look after children between the ages of three and seven. In order to be able to look after children under the age of three, conceptual changes are necessary in the facilities.

Not all facilities are suitable as a U3 kindergarten

Small children need even more attention and individual care, as some of them cannot yet walk properly, eat or speak independently. At the same time, of course, the older children must not be neglected or feel neglected. Therefore, when choosing a kindergarten, you should make sure that the teachers are familiar with age-appropriate pedagogical concepts and that the rooms, play and learning materials are adapted to the new situation.

What you should consider when being looked after in the U3 kindergarten

  • Settling-in phase: Settling into the kindergarten decides whether your child quickly feels comfortable and therefore enjoys going to the kindergarten. It is best if you accompany your child at the beginning. Work with them to establish contact with a specific educator. This person becomes the reference person for your child and is their first point of contact. For example, your child turns to the educator if they are looking for comfort or want to play.
  • Group: In order for your child in the U3 kindergarten to find friends and playmates of the same age even faster, it is practical if several children under the age of three are in the same group.
  • Educator: So that you always know how your child’s development is progressing and what problems there may be, it is ideal if you regularly exchange ideas with the educator. Then you can quickly find a common solution.
  • Equipment of the kindergarten: In the U3 kindergarten it is important that the facility is age-appropriate. It is therefore very good if the recreation and play rooms as well as the outdoor area give your small child enough freedom of movement. Age-appropriate play and learning materials are also necessary. It is also pleasant for your child if there are enough places to retreat. There it can sleep, have something read to it or cuddle. In general, the atmosphere in the U3 kindergarten should be cheerful and relaxed.
  • Training: Before childcare for children under the age of three can be offered in the U3 kindergarten, the employees must be trained accordingly. And even after the under three-year-olds have been admitted, it is necessary for them to take part in further training on a regular basis. In this way, they develop and deepen their knowledge of how to deal with the youngest and still don’t forget to take care of the older ones. It is also important that the educators are also trained in changing diapers, feeding your child and possibly bathing it.

You will see that if the U3 kindergarten meets all these criteria, your child will be happy to visit their new friends and educators for a few hours a day. You can find out more about looking after children under the age of three in the “ U3 care ” section.

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