Wedding games that put you in a good mood

Do you imagine wedding games to be rather embarrassing? There are many great game ideas with which you can bridge waiting breaks or bring new momentum to the party. We introduce you to eight wedding games that have something for every taste.

The last course is cleared and now the wedding guests are sitting at their tables, well fed but a little lazy. Wedding games can bring new momentum to the celebration at such a moment and maybe prevent grandma from telling one or the other embarrassing story in large groups.

The organization of the wedding games is either taken over by various friends of the bridal couple or there is a single “game master” who takes care of it. To ensure that the wedding games are a success, we have a few general tips:

  • The bride and groom should have fun. Clarify in advance which games or which type of games are not suitable for them.
  • Choose wedding games that don’t take too long and aren’t too complicated. Otherwise participants and spectators will lose interest in the meantime.
  • Think about when which game suits you best. Shortly before the buffet opens, the guests are less interested in intensive hidden object games. Even “mean” wedding games are more something for the relaxed, relaxed mood later in the evening.

Wedding games with memory value

These wedding games are visibly remembered and bring a lot of joy long after the wedding celebration:

1. memory tree

You need: A canvas, finger paints, brushes

This is less a game and more an action that involves all guests and conjures up a great memento for the newlyweds. Get a canvas and paint a tree with lots of branches on it. Leave out the leaves so the tree looks completely bare. During the wedding celebration, each guest can immortalize themselves with a fingerprint on the canvas. Make sure that the bare branches are gradually filled with fingerprints and that the memorial tree has a proud crown at the end.

Variation: Of course, this idea can also be modified. Spread lipstick so guests can kiss the canvas. Or organize a jigsaw puzzle in advance, where the individual pieces of the puzzle can be individually painted by the guests.

2. Post for the newlyweds

What you need: Lots of pretty postcards

With this nice idea, the newlywed couple will be reminded of the beautiful day many weeks after the wedding celebration. Because every week a different wedding guest sends greetings with a postcard. In advance you get lots of pretty postcards. The postcards are labeled in such a way that the sender later knows when the card is to be sent – for example with the date or calendar week. Make sure that there is still enough space for your own saying or text. At the wedding party, you distribute the postcards to the wedding guests without the bridal couple noticing. You will certainly be all the happier about the surprise.

Wedding games that get going

The guests have enjoyed the wedding menu or buffet and seem a little sluggish? These wedding games bring movement to the party:

3. Trip to Jerusalem with extras

You need: game master, music, chairs and search tasks

You probably already know the game in its basic form: The participants form a circle. So many chairs are set up in the middle that there is exactly one seat too few. While the music is playing, the guests walk in a circle around the chairs. As soon as the music stops, it is important to grab a chair and sit down as quickly as possible. Whoever is left is eliminated. Another chair is removed for the next round.

It gets more exciting when there is a task to be completed in each round. When the music stops, the game master explains the task, for example “Find five ties” or “Collect three phone numbers”. Anyone who has solved the task quickly finds a seat and can breathe a sigh of relief. The level of difficulty can increase a little with each round, and the winner receives a small prize as an incentive.

4. The Bride Kidnapping

You need: bride, drinking kidnappers, nearby pubs

The kidnapping of the bride is one of the classics of wedding games. You don’t really have to prepare anything, you should only scout out one or more pubs near the wedding location in advance. During the wedding party, you watch for the right moment to “kidnap” the bride together with some accomplices. Make sure that the groom doesn’t notice or cannot immediately follow. The bride and kidnapper move to the nearby pubs and have a good time. For the groom, the search for his bride can be designed like a scavenger hunt. Classically, he encounters outstanding beverage bills that he first has to pay. Important: The search should not take too long, otherwise the fun will lead to annoyed faces.

Wedding games with the bride and groom in the center

Wedding games, in which the bride and groom are the focus, can be a little “mean”. Because in addition to the bridal couple, the spectators in particular have a lot to laugh about here:

5. The marriage quiz

You need: Quiz master, prepared questions, two chairs, 2 beer bottles and 2 rolling pins

In the marriage quiz, the bride and groom get to know a whole new side of themselves – it will be entertaining for the spectators in particular. Think of questions that the bride and groom can assign to themselves or their partner, for example: “Who is better with money?”, “Who is the hothead in the relationship?”, “Who takes longer in the bathroom in the morning?” . During the game, the bride and groom sit back to back. Everyone gets a rolling pin for “typically you” and a beer bottle for “typically he” – alternatively, you can simply make paper signs or give each spouse one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s. The quiz master asks a question and for the answer both have to lift either the rolling pin or the beer bottle. There is a point for every match, and a few laughs for different opinions.

6. Question of good taste

You need: Any number of small bowls with different foods, gummy bears or something else as a reward

In this game the groom has to show good taste. He is blindfolded and the bride feeds him delicious and not so delicious food. Applesauce, chocolate pudding and cream cheese, for example, are ideal for this. It gets nasty with spicy mustard, soy sauce and toothpaste. There is a point and a small reward for each food guessed – for example your favorite sweet.

Wedding games that make the household budget ring

The couple spent a lot of money on the wedding. With these wedding games, your household budget will be a little better:

7. Wedding raffle

You need: ticket numbers, container for the draw and smart prizes

At the wedding raffle, lots are sold to the wedding guests, who can use them to improve the household budget of the bridal couple. There are also a few great prizes up for grabs, although they look a bit different than some people imagine. Think of joke prizes, such as a “dream trip to Tuscany” consisting of bath salts, a bottle of red wine and a CD with Italian pop songs. Or a “romantic 3-course menu” with a candle, packet soup, instant pasta and two cups of pudding. When the lucky winners are drawn, there will certainly be a lot to smile about when the fantastic prizes are presented.

8. Key Search

You need: A treasure chest filled with money, several locks and the corresponding keys

The treasure chest was easy to find, but it is well secured with several locks. The appropriate keys were distributed among the wedding guests in advance – secretly, of course. The bride and groom now have to guess who has a key and ask the guest to dance – quite difficult with a large wedding party. To make it a little easier, the key keepers can unmask themselves after a while, but the key is still only available after the dance.

You can find more ideas for designing the wedding party or tips for wedding planning in our special wedding .

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