When your child doesn’t want to brush their teeth

The same drama every night, your child is supposed to brush their teeth before going to bed, but they don’t want to and run around the apartment or start crying loudly? It twists and turns, clenches its teeth and you need all the powers of persuasion to get it to open its mouth at least for a moment? You can find out how to react appropriately here.

When do children start brushing their teeth?

As soon as your child’s milk teeth are there, they should be brushed regularly. They prepare the jaw for the correct teeth. It is therefore important that you take good care of your milk teeth with the right tooth brushing technique. Even if your baby only has one tooth, you can start with dental care. According to some dentists, you can brush carefully with a damp cotton swab at the beginning and for lonely teeth. If the first teeth are next to each other, you should buy a children’s toothbrush. The various manufacturers have put recommendations on the packaging for which age their toothbrushes are suitable.

Your child doesn’t want to brush their teeth: This is how you motivate them

  • Increase the fun factor : combine brushing your teeth with songs, games or stories . Perhaps it motivates your child if it is allowed to brush your teeth.
  • Hand puppets, music and children’s books help : your child hears in the books how important it is to brush their teeth. They explain in the form of vivid stories and pictures why they should brush their teeth and what can happen if they don’t. A hand puppet can brush teeth with your child or get “toothache” because they didn’t brush their teeth. So you can try to motivate your child through play. Your child may be motivated by nursery rhymes. Maybe you have a Punch and Judy show that has a performance specifically about brushing your teeth.
  • Create rituals : Children love rituals and will protest violently when they are dropped. Think about a fixed ritual for brushing your teeth early on, preferably right from the start, or let it be part of your bedtime ritual.
  • Explain to your child why they should brush their teeth : Your child should learn to understand why it is important to brush their teeth. This takes time, patience and a lot of repetition.
  • Avoid Punishment : Punishment will not help motivate your child, especially when your child is very young. If your child stubbornly refuses, try at least wiping his teeth with a damp cotton swab.
  • Reward your child : When it comes to motivating your child, you should not be stingy with praise. You can reward regular brushing of your teeth. For example, your child could collect points that they can exchange. Think with your child about what he could like as a reward and what motivates him to brush his teeth.
  • Be a role model : brush your teeth together with your child. Or when you and your partner brush your teeth, let your child watch. Your child learns the most from your example.
  • Be consistent : Brushing your teeth is important. Baby teeth need regular care. Even if you have to take a few days off because your child absolutely refuses to have their teeth brushed, your goal is to brush their teeth regularly.
  • Keep Calm : It will be quite a while, maybe years, before your child brushes their teeth voluntarily. Don’t lose patience. Take turns with your partner, then you take turns sparing your nerves.

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