Working during pregnancy: tips & information

If you want to work during your pregnancy, you should always remember that your health is the top priority. It is therefore important that your workplace does not endanger your health or the development of your baby in your womb. We have summarized for you what you should pay attention to when working during pregnancy.

Working in the right environment during pregnancy

During your pregnancy it is important to stress your body as little as possible. The same applies to working during pregnancy. Your employer must therefore respond to your new needs. Your workplace should be designed in such a way that there are as few dangers as possible for you:

  • More breaks so you can meet your increased need for rest
  • You should stop working in front of the screen more often
  • Dangerous work tasks, such as heavy lifting or handling dangerous substances, should no longer be assigned to you.

If, despite the right working environment, you develop symptoms during your pregnancy or are expecting multiple births , your doctor can ban you from working. Find out everything about this work ban in the following article:

employment ban

An employment ban can be imposed during pregnancy if it is necessary for health reasons. Learn more about the ban and when it will be lifted here.

Work during pregnancy that you are not allowed to do

  • Piece work and flow work with prescribed working speed
  • Night work (8 p.m. – 6 a.m.), overtime, work on Sundays and public holidays
  • Work standing for at least four hours if you are five months or older
  • Work that often requires you to stretch or crouch
  • Operation of machines with the foot
  • Working in a job with a high risk of occupational disease for you and the child, eg working with chemical substances
  • An activity with a high risk of accidents
  • Regularly lift, move or convey more than five kilograms and occasionally more than ten kilograms
  • Often stretch or bend significantly

If you think that certain jobs in your job are too dangerous during pregnancy, you can talk to your manager about it. If he doesn’t know what to do either, we recommend that you contact the nearest trade inspectorate. The office decides whether the work is too dangerous for you.

Work during pregnancy despite the ban?

We recommend that you use the time before the birth and prepare for your child. You should enjoy as much rest and relaxation as you can and recharge your batteries for the big day of the birth. As far as possible, you should also slow down when you work. You must not forget that even normal work during your pregnancy can pose health risks.

The first eight weeks after the birth are mandatory rest periods. If you work for your company during this time, your employer will be fined. We generally advise you to have your doctor examine you regularly. He can advise you better when you are not yet able to work or are already able to return to work.

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