Vaccinate Egypt: You need these vaccinations

Egypt is a popular travel destination. To ensure that your stay is relaxing, find out here whether you need to be vaccinated for Egypt and about other preventive measures.

Are you planning a holiday in Egypt? Then you should find out in good time which vaccinations are important for this travel destination. You can find important information about vaccinations for Egypt on the website of the Robert Koch Institute and at the Federal Foreign Office. There you can also read tips on correct behavior in the country to protect yourself against diseases for which there is no vaccine. If you have the standard vaccinations in Germany, you are already well protected for your trip. It is best to have your family doctor check your vaccination status for tetanus and meningococci a few weeks before you travel . You should also vaccinate yourself against hepatitis B for Egypt.

Vaccination against hepatitis A is particularly important. The risk of contracting it in Egypt is very high. Unlike hepatitis B, transmission is similar to gastroenteritis. You can get infected practically anywhere. In addition, the virus is also transmitted via seafood and shellfish. If you are planning a long-term stay in Egypt, you should also get vaccinated against typhoid and rabies .

Vaccination for Egypt – start on time

In order for the vaccinations to be effective, you should be vaccinated a few weeks before you travel to Egypt. With the hepatitis A vaccination, for example, you have to wait two weeks to build up effective vaccination protection. It is best to seek advice from your family doctor or a specialist in travel medicine.

Vaccination is not possible against all travel diseases in Egypt. Very often tourists get diarrhea on site. To prevent this from happening to you, you should only eat cooked food or peel fruit yourself before eating it. Also, ensure good hygiene when washing your hands. Infection with the diarrhea germs often occurs via the tap water. You shouldn’t drink this. Use sealed bottles with drinking water and be careful when consuming ice cubes and ice cream. There are isolated cases of malaria in Egypt against which vaccination is not yet possible. Therefore, make sure you wear light-colored, body-covering clothing to prevent mosquito bites.

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