Born with intact amniotic sac: 6 stunning birth photos

When a baby is born with an intact water sac, it’s a rare and fascinating sight! Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and Co., we can now and again enjoy impressive pictures of babies with lucky hats. Here is a small selection.

A baby who was born with an intact amniotic sac was considered lucky in the Middle Ages. After all, this type of birth was exceedingly rare. The amniotic sac was dried and traded as a good luck charm.

When the amniotic sac becomes a lucky cap

Nowadays this belief has been forgotten, but the name Glückshaube still reminds of it. Because that’s what the amniotic sac is called when it encloses the baby at birth or at least covers the head and face.

How unbelievable it is to witness such a birth is shown by the incredibly beautiful photos that birth photographers or parents post on social media channels such as Instagram.

  1. “In some cultures, babies who are born with intact amniotic sacs are considered very special and there are different customs to mark such a birth,” Instagram user Caulbaby writes under the photo:
  2. Bec Patrick posted a photo of his son’s birth nine years after he was born with intact waters: “I think it’s incredible to see them curled up in there and I will cherish this photo forever keep.”
  3. “Wonder is hope’s favorite child,” writes Istanbul doctor Dr. Ali Gursoy under the video showing the birth of a baby with a lucky hood.
  4. A few years ago, birth photographer Melissa Cate captured a water birth resulting in a baby with an intact water sac. When she shared the moment on her social media channels, it was the first photo of her career to go viral.
  5. Shoog McDaniel was also there with her camera when the baby was released from its amniotic sac during a home birth.
  6. After a family managed to get the entire water sac from their newborn, doula and birth photographer Nikki Williams dried it and posted a photo of it on Instagram.

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