Circle games: Poor black cat

Circle games Poor black cat

The black tomcat purrs and meows heartbreakingly and wants to be petted. But be careful: you must not laugh! Poor Black Cat is a fun game for groups of children aged 4+.

Age: from 4 years

Number: at least 5 players

Poor black cat – that’s how it works

The children sit in a circle on the floor or in chairs. A child is the black cat. It walks from one to the other on all fours, mews, meows and purrs heart-rendingly. Another child has to stroke the cat’s head three times while slowly saying “Poor black cat!”. But it shouldn’t be laughing at all! If it stays serious, the tomcat has to move on to the next child. But if it laughs, the tomcat is released and the other child becomes a poor black tomcat. After five minutes the game is over and you can laugh again.

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