Congratulations on communion: write beautiful texts

Personalizing congratulations on communion is not that easy. But because many children keep the cards for this special celebration for a long time, it is worth the effort. In this article you will find many ideas on how to creatively formulate congratulations on communion.

Design of congratulations on communion

If you have been invited to communion or if your relatives and acquaintances are about to celebrate, you can congratulate the communion child with a nice gift or a greetings card. You should make the congratulations on communion personal and appropriate to the occasion in order to give the child something special to take with them. A little effort with the congratulations for the communion is worthwhile, because many children keep the cards they receive on their feast day for a long time or collect them in an album.

If you want to buy a card for congratulations on communion, you have a wide choice in many shops. You can also design the card yourself and have it printed or lovingly craft it together. This way you can be sure that nobody is giving away the same card as you.

Congratulations on communion should be kept simple and solemn. As a rule, Christian symbols are used as motifs for the card, for example a fish, bread and wine, a cross or a Bible. But secular motifs or spring-like images are also suitable if you are not religious yourself, for example a ladybug, flowers, a rainbow or a butterfly.

Congratulations on communion: what goes in the text?

It is best to address the child directly in the text of the congratulations on communion. Since he’s celebrating his communion, bring it up and congratulate him. The better you know the communion child, the more personal you can design the congratulations on communion and tailor them to the child.

You can of course also create a connection to the occasion of the celebration in the greeting message by addressing the Lord’s Supper or membership of the religious community. If you are not religious yourself, it is also possible that you omit the religious reference in the congratulations on communion and simply wish the child a nice celebration.

There are also cards for sale that already contain a ready-made text. In this case, it is a good idea to write a small personal greeting under the congratulations on communion. This is a sign that you are making an effort, that you take the child seriously and that you see it as an individual.

Sample texts for congratulations on communion

You can use the following three sample texts as a guide when formulating congratulations on communion. However, there are no strict regulations as to what must be in such a greeting card, so you can also get creative yourself and write something of your own.

  • Text 1: “Dear Paul, I wish you all the best for your communion. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Many greetings from your aunt Hildegard”
  • Text 2: “To dear communion child Anna, congratulations on your first communion. We hope that you will remember this exciting day for a long time. May God accompany and protect you throughout your life. Grandma and grandpa”
  • Text 3: “My dear godchild, I congratulate you on your communion and wish you all the best in your new phase of life. God’s blessings be with you, today and in the future. Your proud godmother”

Congratulations on Communion: More ideas

In addition to the greeting message, you can also write a suitable passage from the Bible, a saying or a poem in the congratulations on communion. You can find suitable ideas for this in our articles “ 20 beautiful sayings about communion ” and “ beautiful poems for communion ”. So you give the communion child a few helpful words on the way.

Of course you can also formulate a saying yourself or write a few lines if you like. In this way you make the congratulations on communion even more individual and the communion child can still enjoy your card in a few years when they look through their greeting cards again.

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