Explain “coronavirus” in a child-friendly way: helpful tips

The topic of “coronavirus” is currently dominating the news – of course, children are also aware of that. You hear disturbing reports and suddenly even schools and day care centers are closed. These are changes that can scare children. Here you can find out how you can explain the “Corona situation” to your child and take away their fear.

In the past few weeks, the corona virus has not only been a top topic in the news, it has also been discussed in daycare centers, kindergartens and elementary schools. It is all the more important for us parents to explain the topic in a child-friendly way.

Be a role model for your child

The most important message is this: Don’t panic. Because children have fine antennae for how their parents feel. So if you are worried about the coronavirus, that concern will transfer to your child. It is therefore best to remain calm and explain to your child objectively what the coronavirus is all about and why the measures taken and the new regulations are so important. This is how your child feels informed. Depending on your child’s age, you may also be able to watch children’s news with them. However, be careful not to bring up the coronavirus too often and, above all, to avoid it as long as your child does not actively talk to you about it. Instead, consciously steer the conversation towards other and more beautiful things.

Explain coronavirus and measures in a child-friendly way

To make your child understand what the coronavirus is doing to us, you can easily compare the disease with the flu. Fever and cough are symptoms children are familiar with. And since it is a viral infection, like the flu, we have to be careful that the virus cannot spread further. If you are already suffering from COVID-19, a face mask, for example, which you can currently see people on the streets and, of course, on television with, helps.

The closed shops, swimming pools, schools and daycare centers are also a good measure to prevent many people from coming together in a small space. After all, viruses travel so quickly from one person to the next. By keeping your child at home and reducing your social contacts, you are already making an important contribution to curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Here you will find a descriptive video from the City of Vienna, in which the coronavirus is explained to children in a simple manner .

We are not powerless

Besides sending the message that we don’t need to panic, it’s also important to explain to your child how to protect themselves. Washing your hands more frequently is of course the be-all and end-all, for at least 20 seconds. This is best done before every meal and of course whenever you come in from outside. You can find out how to protect yourself from infection here . You can also tell your child about the current state of medical research. Explain that medicine and a vaccine are already being worked on and will be used as soon as possible.

How will the coronavirus continue?

Your child will certainly want to know whether they can go back to daycare or school after the Easter holidays. It is best to be honest with your child and explain that we do not yet know whether the situation has improved sufficiently during this time. Schools and daycare centers may have to remain closed for longer. This is necessary until the spread is under control or, in the best case, the vaccine has been developed. However, assure your child that everything will be fine then and that solutions will be found to get through this time well.

How to explain that you can die from the corona virus?

We hear and read every day that we can die from the coronavirus. Elderly and sick people are particularly at risk. Do our children have to experience this too? Your baby or toddler has no real concept of death. But the older your child is, the more important it is not to make the subject of dying taboo. Death is part of life, it is a completely natural process to die – not only in old age, but also through illness. However, do not worry your child unnecessarily, for example by naming the number of deaths. Instead, assure him that everything is being done to fight the virus and that children in particular have not become seriously ill so far.

What to do if your child has contracted the coronavirus and is afraid?

If your child is sick and showing symptoms of COVID-19, they may start to worry. So always reassure your child that they have a strong immune system that will fight the disease. A kind of virus police is in action in the body, which defends itself very well against viruses. Such a fight is of course exhausting, which is why your child feels weaker during this time. Tell this like an exciting story! This gives your child a good and positive idea of ​​what is happening in the body. And once the viruses are defeated, it will quickly recover from the disease.

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