Raising Boys: “10 Things I Wish I Had Known Beforehand”

Holly Pevzner is a mom to two little boys – and loving it! Still, there are ten things she wishes she’d known before her two bullies were born. Would she then have been better prepared for the fart jokes, the constant peeing and the wild friction between the mini-buddies?

Raising boys is a big challenge for mothers, after all they don’t have their own childhood experiences to fall back on. It’s especially tricky if they grew up just among girls!

Boys are just different

So when Holly became pregnant with her first son, she was hardly prepared for what life would be like with a little man in the house. After the birth of her second son, she is now experienced in bringing up boys.

Still, “From obsessing over exercise to comparing penises, here are ten things I wish I’d known beforehand,” the mom of two writes in her Today article .

  1. Planes, trains and cars are everywhere
    “Little boys love anything that flies, sails, drives, digs or mixes.” Even if you place dolls and a play kitchen in the children’s room: “As if by magic, cars and trucks will multiply.”
  2. Boys are always on the go
    “From the moment they hop on your bed at 5:30 in the morning until bedtime, boys are on the go.” The journalist recognized early on that there are only two speed levels for her little ones: fast and faster. If they were just playing on the floor, a second later they would be climbing up the dining room table. “You will learn to keep up.”
  3. Fascination with her penis comes sooner than thought
    “Blame it on caveman instinct, but boys play with their penises practically from birth. (And those baby erections? Woah.),” recalls Holly. As one mom she knows put it: “Ironically, he always has his hand on his penis except when he’s going to the bathroom.”
  4. Shopping becomes child’s play
    Even as children, girls simply have more choices when it comes to clothes. Boys have trousers, sneakers and T-shirts, nothing more. “There are no outfits there,” writes Holly aptly. Even if there isn’t much variety, the clothes for boys are just as cute as for girls – and the little one is always properly dressed. Especially for the next mud bath…
  5. Brawling is innate
    Boys express affection through body language, writes Holly. They fight, wrestle and jump on each other. What must look like a little fight to outsiders is usually actually an intimate hug between brothers or buddies. Of course, the discussion à la “He hit me first” is inevitable, a friend of Holly once remarked, but the journalist is certain: “Exhausting? Yes. normal and healthy? Definitely.”
  6. The ER trip will come
    “There are boys and there are tables and those two things usually result in injuries,” writes Holly. Although, over time, one would anticipate all major dangers in advance, ultimately one is simply not immune to the trip to the ambulance. So Holly’s advice is, “Don’t blame yourself – it’s the custom for all mothers of sons.”
  7. Pee everywhere
    ” On the floor. Behind the toilet. On the wall. Above the seat they didn’t want to fold up.” take action against it? Impossible. Instead, always have wipes on hand and remember, “except for big business, your child never has to sit in a dirty public restroom,” says Holly. And peeing in the park is no problem anyway.
  8. Comparing son to other daughters is futile
    “Watching a girl the same age as your non-stop hottie using glitter glue for 45 minutes will make you cry.” Because as already mentioned: Boys NEVER keep still. Especially not for glitter glue activities. Girls are different, writes Holly. They often reach milestones faster than boys their age and “excel at many important school subjects, like reading and – er – sitting still.” It is nonsense to compare the two sexes so early. Because boys develop differently too.
  9. Fooling around starts early
    “Boy humor can be extra-silly, and toilet humor starts as soon as they can talk.” Yes, that includes expanding the vocabulary to include all fecal terms, such as “shit”, “poo”, “whoops”, etc. “Who would have thought that a love of fart jokes is part of the development of boys?” a friend recently asked by Holly. The important thing is not to laugh – no matter how funny it is! – and not to scold. Otherwise the fart language will only gain more prestige.
  10. Boys love their mothers Being
    the only woman in a male household is certainly not always a joy for Holly – see fart-speak. But what makes up for it all is the strong, unconditional love of her boys, which she feels on a daily basis. As wild as boys sometimes behave, they are actually little romantics, said an acquaintance of Holly aptly.

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