Family cures: This is how you can apply for a family cure

Family life can sometimes be quite stressful. The little ones have to go to kindergarten, the older ones to school, the parents to work and in their free time there are often appointments on the schedule. If an illness is added to this, the family is under pressure. Family cures can offer preventive health care and a balance to everyday life. We explain the requirements and how to apply.

Health is the focus of a cure, it serves to prevent and rehabilitate a (chronic) illness. A cure thus contributes to the fact that a weakened state of health is strengthened again. Various forms of therapy are used for this purpose, such as group and individual discussions, physiotherapy and movement therapy, but psychotherapy and relaxation methods are also an important part of a cure. One of the best-known offers is the mother-child cure , but the father-child cure is also becoming more and more attractive. But is there also a parent-child cure? After all, an illness usually affects the whole family, not just the individual family member. This is where family cures come in.

Prerequisites for a family cure

In order to be able to take a family cure, certain requirements must be met. You must prove that all family members have health problems. This can be the case, for example, if your child has a physical or mental disability that requires intensive care, so that you as parents are under enormous pressure as a result. The same applies if your child is often ill or shows behavioral problems. A family cure can also be approved after a miscarriage or in the event of depression. Furthermore, there must be a reason why a mother-child cure or a father-child cure cannot be considered instead of a family cure. The “family” system is often the answer here, because when parents suffer, the children suffer with them. The same goes the other way around.

Family cures: who pays?

Most health insurance companies cover the costs for a family cure, but you have to reckon with an additional payment of 10 euros per calendar day. Apart from a small personal contribution, the travel expenses are usually covered. The salary will continue to be paid in full for the period of the cure. In the article ” Costs of a mother-child cure ” you will receive more detailed information on this.

Apply for a family cure: How does it work?

The procedure for applying for a family spa does not differ from other spa applications. You have two options: Either you can process the application for a family cure directly through your family doctor. Or you can turn to counseling centers such as the mothers’ convalescence work, which will provide you with the necessary application forms and can support you in the application process. A visit to the doctor is also essential here. In the article “ Mother-Child Cure: Tips for the application ” you will find further useful information about the cure application.

Where to go in family cure?

There are numerous spa clinics and spa houses that offer family cures. Depending on the health insurance company, you will be given a clinic or you can choose between several clinics. Some health insurance companies also give you free choice, so that you can choose a clinic of your choice. Of course, it is always decisive whether the clinic has free places for the desired period and which region is particularly advantageous for the respective disease.

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