Hormonal changes after childbirth: This is what happens in your body

During pregnancy, hormones take control of the female body. This wild cocktail of hormones ensures that the uterus and breasts adapt to growing life. But what if the baby is born – and the hormones suddenly disappear?

Postpartum hormonal changes are the time your body is “recovering” from pregnancy. For nine months, the placenta, as a major producer of pregnancy hormones, ensured that even more estrogen and progesterone, two important female sex hormones, were pumped through your body than usual.

With birth, this hormone supplier suddenly disappears and your body reacts accordingly. But: a hormonal change after birth is no picnic for your body. It takes time, usually several months.

Hormonal changes after childbirth: a roller coaster ride of emotions

It’s no secret that hormones are often to blame for mood swings in women. It is therefore hardly surprising that the immense hormonal changes after birth are accompanied by a real emotional roller coaster ride. Because the body has to get used to it from now on, without these many additional hormones – of course it can be overwhelming!

Have you heard of the so-called baby blues ? This is how this sensitive phase after birth is called. Incidentally, when we talk about a roller coaster ride of emotions, that’s exactly what we mean. That’s why it’s perfectly okay to feel overjoyed one moment and sad the next – without knowing exactly why. It’s all down to hormonal changes!

So take your time in the first days and weeks after the birth to let your body regenerate and get used to the new situation. But if you notice that there is more to it than “just” baby blues, namely postpartum depression , contact your doctor.

Skin problems after pregnancy

Hormonal changes can not only affect your feelings, but also your skin. Even if you are actually blessed with clear skin. Post-pregnancy acne can be an unwelcome side effect after pregnancy.

But as soon as your hormone balance has leveled off again, the unwanted pimples should disappear again. If this is not the case, you can ask your doctor for advice.

hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy is also not uncommon. This happens because the body suddenly has to do without the extra supply of estrogen, which has so far caused increased hair growth. So hair production stops and hair falls out a few months after pregnancy.

But no need to worry: this problem will also appear after a maximum of one year. It is therefore important that you practice patience and keep your hands off promising shampoos – unfortunately they will not help you with this problem.

PMS after pregnancy

After pregnancy, some women find that they suffer more from PMS, i.e. premenstrual syndrome. This can also apply to women who had little or no problems with it before pregnancy.

In this case, too, the hormonal changes after birth are to blame. Whether and to what extent a woman has premenstrual syndrome varies from woman to woman. These are often physical and psychological complaints that reappear when the period begins. The most common physical and mental ailments are:

physical symptoms

  • Circulatory problems, migraines, nausea
  • tightness in the chest
  • Abdominal pain, headache and back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • water retention in the tissue
  • skin problems
  • Cravings, feeling of fullness, loss of appetite
  • Exhaustion, weakness or even fainting
  • Stimulus sensitivity (noise, light, stress, smells)

mental symptoms

  • Depression or depressed moods
  • Irritability, outbursts of anger, aggressiveness
  • mood swings
  • restlessness
  • exaggerated feelings, such as laughing or crying for no reason

You can read more about premenstrual syndrome after pregnancy here.

Hormonal changes: an end in sight

There is no question that the female body goes through a lot as soon as an egg cell is fertilized and a little life is born. As unpleasant as the hormonal change may seem to you after the birth – but also during it – as soon as your body has settled down again, all the unpleasant side effects are a thing of the past.

All you, your body and your baby need during this time is rest, love and care

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